Holiday in Bejing, China.

I know there's a couple of Arrsers' that have the knowledge. ;)

I've a mate and his missus who're looking for holiday info on Bejing in November time. Any advice on hotels, trips, food etc. would be great.

Just to add, they've never been to China.

Ta muchly. :)

Edited to add that they are also looking at Peking as an alterative, so any info on this as well.
Assuming this isn't a wah, Peking is the old name for Beijing. Same place.

Obvious attractions are the Forbidden City, and a section of the Great Wall is within striking distance of Beijing.

I'll ask a friend of mine who lives there what she recommends, and see if she can recommend any hotels. Any idea fo what your friends want? 5 star, etc?

BTW, it will be cold in November - could well snow.
Red Capital Club ( It is outstanding. Also the Pearl Market if the other half feels like investing, but steer clear of the ground floor and the crap fake electronics. Wah Shield on - Beijing is Peking - Wah shield off. Cheap designer gear abounds. Always haggle to about 25-35% of SP except for the official government shops. The underground is cheap, clean, safe and very easy to use. Taxi's are generally fine but get a Card from the Hotel with the address details in chinese. If you want a good european night out as a change, the Lufthansa Centre has a german micro brewery mit bratty und pommes. I could go you can see I am a fan.
Thanks for the replies and it wasn't a wah, just me being thick and typing without engaging brain. :oops:

@ JoeCivvie, not sure on hotel spec. I'll get required info wait out.
Just as an aside, if he's military or has security clearance do remind him that he's got to inform the chain of command of his trip...usually some very useless interviews prior and post...sometime they don't care.

Personally I'm less of a fan of the big tourist attractions and would suggest the more remote areas of any country I visited....but each to thier own.

S_R, he's ex and living in Germany, so hopefully that won't cause a headache.
Then can I suggest as a hotel:

The Lufthansa Centre. Not outrageously expensive but very comfortable. Close to the Embassy Districts and with 5 restaurants as well as a western coffee shop and German Brewery. Gym and pool on the top floor. I stayed there last year and it was excellent.
There is also a park to run around close by.

Edited for mong spelling
Thanks Ops_Offr, I'll pass that on.
How long has he got? The trouble with Beijing is that there's just so damned much of it, it's hard to see even just snippets of everything.

Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City are must dos, but could easily take up a couple of days on their own. Tell him if he doesn't go see 'em regardless, I'll hunt him down like a dog! :D

Prince Gong's palace is a good example of traditional architecture and it's in one of the best preserved hutong districts, so two birds with one stone. Talking of birds, there's the Olympic stadium as a modern tick in the tourist box. The Capital Museum in Muxidi is apparently one of the best attractions in the city - never been there myself - and it's a couple of minutes walk from the metro. Incidentally, the canal bridge to the west of the metro station and the museum is where the first shooting started in 1989.

There are a lot of parks in the city itself, like the Old Summer Palace out by what's now Tsinghua University. The mountains around the city also give a great view if you can be bothered making the trip. I like Lingshan Mountain, myself as the view over the city is superb - assuming the weather and smog are in your favour.

Foodwise, Donghuamen Night Market is worth a go, particularly if you don't mind being a bit adventurous. Hell, all of the street markets are one enormous grazing-session. Last time I was there I went days with breakfast being the only set meal and I'm an horrendous scoff-monster. You can find dishes from all across China on sale from little stalls and it's all good. Crispy-fried squid-on-a-stick in particular hits the spot.

Silk Street is great, particularly if you like knock-offs. If you haggle you'll get good price and a lot of the better fakes are actually made in the same factories as the real McCoy - surplus production, stuff that didn't quite make it past quality control, or just plain old slipping-a-few-quid-to-work-after-hours piracy. Panjiayuan Market is as good a flea market as I've struck, particularly if you're in the mood for Mao tat.

All told, it's an unforgettable city. Hopefully, the weather will be kind and it'll be for all the right reasons. :D
We went to Beijing in 2007, had a great time. All the attractions listed on here are well worth a visit. We went to the Great Wall at a place called Badaling which was an hour or so from the City. Very commercial but you can travel up to it in a cable car then have a walk on the wall itself. The Hotel we stayed at was called the Gloria Plaza, they have a chain of them over there. It was fantastic, great buffet spread for breakfast, and only a short trip into the city centre. Parts of the city are very westernised and if you get fed up with chinese food you can always eat out at TGI Fridays lol. Hope you have a great time.

Again, thanks for all the info - much better than they'd get at a travel centre!

One day I might get to go myself. :D
I met a friend who works for the Bank of China recently and he says they're going to be introducing a pre-paid RMB debit card - you buy X00RMB and it's preloaded onto plastic for you, which saves mucking about with travellers' cheques or incurring the enormous overseas use charges on your credit cards.

If it comes off, I reckon that and a slack handful of cash would see you right.
Beijing, the heart of China, is always the first choice of travelers who are willing to know a time-honored and developed city of China. It has been the political, economic and cultural center of China for over 800 years from the Yuan Dynasty. The numerous royal buildings with long history endow Beijing with incomparable charm, not only the 'Nation's Best' but also the 'World's Best'. On the other hand, as the host city of the 2008 Olympic Games, this oriental ancient city presented her best fashion fascination to the world.

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Tiananmen Square is, well, just a square.......only interesting because it's opposite the Forbidden City. Grand Hyatt is a good hotel, not too expensive by western standards either. It's in the right part of town for the FC and TS too.

The Hutongs are interesting, some of the best are behind the FC. Go to the night market and Chinese opera too. As somebody said, the Great Wall is close, about a four hour drive from the city.

Nice place, great people, I get there once a month.

November is VERY cold though, certainly not the best time to travel.

If they have specific interests let me know.
How old are they and what are their interests, as there are many Beijings, ie do they like art, thrash metal/ska/punk/R&B/hiphop*, ye olde history, future shock, fine dining, boutique hutong or International chain hotels and on.

Bankers right November is cold, but in a good way.

* one of my favorite experiences was the Beijing Punk band the 'Beijing Rejects' passing off the Cockney Rejects work as their own OiOi! Corking gig.
smartascarrots said:
On second thoughts, I recommend Nanjing instead. The public transport has far better facilities. :wink:
:D Try that on the London Tube! 8O

ok, I passed on all your info to them and they've wisely put it off until next year - in the summer time!

A_J, he's 51 and his missus is about 45. They like the arty stuff and architecture.....if they can get away from the bar that is! Cheap and chearful is what they're after, but not slumming it either - no Lypiat style accomodation. ;)
The summer will be too hot. End of September into October is a time of good weather and it's well worth being there on National Day (1st Oct and 2nd + 3rd are hols). Xian (terracotta army is a short 'plane ride away) nd the winter palace (echo wall etc) is worth a few hours.
rockpile said:
The summer will be too hot. End of September into October is a time of good weather and it's well worth being there on National Day (1st Oct and 2nd + 3rd are hols). Xian (terracotta army is a short 'plane ride away) nd the winter palace (echo wall etc) is worth a few hours.
Cheers, I'll pass that on...and then they can bloody do the leg work themselves from now on! :D

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