Holiday for less than a grand?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by hong_kong_fuey, May 25, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking to go away in the next few weeks and have about a grand to spend all in, including spending cash. As I'll be travelling solo, package deals are out due to the single traveller supplements. It'll just be a backpack and a few clothes that I'll be taking. Accommodation doesn't need to be plush and I'm not looking for fancy restaurants. Any suggestions for between 7 and 14 days? Sunshine is a must, culture would be nice (no sunburnt chavs) and so would a sprinkling of the female species. Any ideas? I'm torn between Malta and Morocco at the moment. Anyone been to Malta?
  2. Never been to Malta, but I've been to Morocco. I'd recommend Malta. :)
  3. Red Sea and get some good diving in
  4. Don't see what's wrong with Blackpool.
    Being serious BTW.
  5. I went to Agadir in Morocco (and visited Marrakesh and the usual stuff) in 1982, 1984 and 1986 ....... and loved it. Wonderful sun, sea, sex, walking, climbing. And very cheap.

    I went to Malta in 1993. Saw lots of churches. I would have thought it OK for a family holiday ...... but not sure if you're going as a singly. My daughter and her famly go to Malta often, because her partner is part Maltese and has family there.
  6. Northern Cyprus was/is very nice not too touristy! me and kids went out in 2005 met up with hubby (he was on UN duty). Plenty of nice eateries and culture a plenty.

    Do not go to Gambia!

    Benidorm is fab for cheap tacky holibob.....
  7. If anyone goes to Benidorm, can you have a look around for my virginity? :D I lost it there in 1971. 8O
  8. Bad times in Morocco, eh? I've heard it's one of those places you either love or hate.

    I've been to Egypt before, not to the Red Sea but Cairo, Aswan and Luxor. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though I shat me pants in Pizza Hut in Tahrir Square and had to walk about a mile back to the hotel with sh1t stained shorts. I've heard that lots of fine horny Israeli women go to Dahab.

    Seriously Butler, you need to get out more. I was in Blackpool recently for work. Grim, very grim. Nearly as bad as Rhyl, but nowhere near as bad as Barry Island in Wales. By the way, how is your boot shining by post business going? Top idea.

    For some reason I'm drawn to Malta. I agree, it may be a bit quiet for a singly. Agadir sounds nice, though it may have changed since the mid '80s.

    Benidorm? That's exactly the thing I wish to avoid. Pavement pizzas and all day breakfasts I can enjoy in my local town centre.

    I've never thought of Northern Cyprus before. Hmm.
  9. A grand?! If you're not doing a package holiday, you could travel for months on that!

    Ref cheap accommodation - try here:
  10. Mate, check out Bali or even better Lombok

    Airfare aside you can live on 50 quid a day including hotel, food and lash.

    Bali is more "touristy", Lombok is more "real".

    Either way you will fly into Denpasar (Bali), and if you are really brave can then then take an internal flight to Mataram (Lombok). Personally I reccomend taking land transport and a ferry (providing you can swim).
  11. just returned from malta a couple of weeks ago, thoroughly enjoyed it,
    the weather was spot on, the people were refrehingly nice and very curteous and helpful. cheap travel around the country on the old buses, works out to be less than a euro.
    go to valetta for the duty history trip, loads of wartime stuff like the royal armouries, war museum and some stunning views from the fort overlooking the harbour. went to st johns cathedral aswell, not really into churches but this was were the knights of st john and all that jazz came from so was worth a visit.
    if its beaches you're after there aren't that many but travel upto mellieha , north east of the island and theres some nice beaches there.
    i was with the oc domestic duties and kids so nightlife was not on part 1's but the where we were in bugibba there was a vast amount of bars and restaurants that served good scoff and the local hooch is called cisk and goes down quite well and is only about 1.30 euros. loads of cafes around aswell. we stayed in accom so not sure about other options although i did check the other day and it was £234 b&b for the 4 of us to go back as i still have some potl to use up. let me know if you require anymore info mate. right im off to apply to the maltese tourism board for a job
  12. Ref my bold that is why I am not getting out much. :D
    Recently came back from a week in Berlin but can't recommend it on a budget.
  13. I think my hostel days are done. The idea of sharing a dorm with people I don't know appealed to me in my early twenties but not now.

    Last time I was in Asia was in the late 90s. I had no idea you could still live that cheaply considering the global inflation factors.

    I know all about the state of the ferries, mate. I've got a pair of arm-bands somewhere in the loft. And I am aware of the state of the internal air travel market. Say, for Lombok, how long is the ferry journey?

    Cheers mate, I'll PM you for info if I decide on Malta.

    Cheers everyone, and Lombok is looking favourite, if it can still be done for under a grand.
  14. H-K-F, check your Pm's.
  15. travel your way through Italy if all you re taking in a backpack and stay in hostels- your 1000 will get you a long long way for 2 weeks doing that