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Telegraph Blogger asks: Why visit the Falklands? (see att.)

A destination of contrasts

The other side of the world at easyjet prices if you indulge with U3 Air (and a much better service when you get stuck at Ascension than if you're caught in a shift change at Akrotiri). Stand where John Kiszely was when he "touched the moment that the initiative changed hands" on Tumbledown...and many more.
Check out the comments on that blog ref the pic:

penguin mines unit
Why are the penguins being enlisted to locate, detonate and rid the Falklands of its unexploded mines?
swatantra nandanwar at 01 Nov 2006 11:04

Ask a silly question.
'Why are the penguins being enlisted'
Because they are braver than the French, more intelligent than the Americans and if they make a mistake they make a good bar-b-que.
Lord Livingstone of Greenpeas at 01 Nov 2006 12:11

Come on, that has got to be an arrser!

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