Holiday after Rememberance Sunday

Hi this is not mine, before someone goes off at me.

If you would like to sign please do.

Pit :D

Hi Folks 10 Downing Street have put in a petition on ones feelings are towards a Holiday after Rememberance Sunday.

If you are in agreement that can you please log on to this

The aim is so that we as a nation can honour what are service men/women are doing for this country

To make the nation as a whole as to what sacrifices all those who gave there lives for

To give a public holiday in between August and December.

It only takes a few seconds to do if you are in agreement.
You're having a laugh if you think a day off will change this countries attitude towards our war dead one little bit.

I'm not one to turn down a skive however, and it'd be good to have a day to get over the hangover. Signed!
It would be a good day to overcome hangovers on.
Here is Spamland, the Monday closest to Nov 11 is a Federal Holiday and observed by most states.

At my work though, it was business as usual. All it involved was a quiet handshake with a stude of mine (late 30s) who was a company medic in Ramadi before his wagon got blown to bits in 2005 and he had to have both feet rebuilt. Then we found out that the elder brother of one of the ROTC cadets in the class was one of the US Army Rangers who got killed in that Taliban ambush in Nuristan reported on Saturday. Certainly marked the start of a sh1tty day.

Incidentally, the lad's brother was the first New Zealander (had dual citizenship) to be killed in Afg and was the nephew of the Kiwi Defence Minister.
Wouldnt it be better just making 11/11 a public holiday whatever day of the week it was on?

Alternatively, how about recasting Sunday trading laws to treat Remembrance Sunday like Easter Sunday, all major shops prohibited from opening?

To All my People.Tuesday next, November 11th, is the first anniversary of the Armistice, which stayed the world wide carnage of the four preceding years, and marked the victory of Right and Freedom. I believe that my people in every part of the Empire fervently wish to perpetuate the memory of that Great Deliverance, and of those who laid down their lives to achieve it. To afford an opportunity for the universal expression of this feeling, it is my desire and hope that at the hour when the Armistice came into force, the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, there may be, for the brief space of two minutes, a complete suspension of all our normal activities. During that time, except in the rare cases where this may be impracticable, all work, all sound, and all locomotion should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the Glorious Dead.No elaborate organisation appears to be necessary. At a given signal, which can easily be arranged to suit the circumstances of each locality, I believe that we shall all gladly interrupt our business and pleasure, whatever it may be, and unite in this simple service of Silence and Remembrance.
The 11th November is already a public holiday in France and certainly where we are the observance is strictly observed.
A message is sent to every town hall in the country from the Minister for Veterans to be read out after the silence.
Signed the petition
It would be better if, as suggested in other posts, that 11th November were made a public holiday no matter what day it falls on, and all supermarkets and DIY stores forced to shut on that day. Give the act of rememberence the respect and reverence it warrants.

I can't understand why this has never been the case when it seems many other countries do this.
Not signed, as I don't believe it will add any worth to remembrance itself, those that wish to remember will, as I do, regardless of whether it is a public holiday or not, so why should someone that doesn’t care for remembrance get a free holiday!!!

I do however believe, while it is still some time away yet, the 100th anniversary should be marked with massive celebrations, a full week off, and every town in Great Briton marking the 11th hour in a dignified and respectful manner.

In response to a few posts above ref France etc, I have been led to believe that in Belgium all primary school children are given the name and brief details of a British Tommy. That child then spends the next few years researching into that soldier as part of their schoolwork. For the 100th all primary school children should be given this project to do for their local heroes.
The 11th of the 11th is most certainly a bank holiday here in Belgium. I am a battlefield guide and tomorrow I will be taking Belgium children to visit the graves of their selected tommies who RIP around the Ypres Salient. No remembrance sunday nonsense over here either, the 11th is the 11th and that is that! :wink:
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