Hole in the wall

I don't usually watch this pish, however did anyone else see Hannah Rigby in the tight silver spandex suit? I'm still drooling....



Having been fed my supper whilst that pish is on I am asking whick feckwit thought that could be classed as entertainment?
The worst thing I've ever seen on TV. Everyone gets wet... big deal. All the phoney jokeyness annoys me. A bit of water, some foam, hard hats and Z listers, it must cost all of a tenner each week to put it on.
Pardon my ignorance, but I thought you meant "Procure some readies from the hole in the wall":

Paul Calf

It would have probably been funnier.
I thought it was about the pub by Waterloo Station with decent German beer...
It is just about the worst game show in TV history, but some of the ladies do look rather nice dripping wet in the skin-tight suits!
You mean Emma Rigby?
Some research was done as I'd rather gouge my eye's out with a rusty WWI Bayonet than watch that pish...

(Is it me or does she look like that Paris Hilton bint?....)
Spanish_Dave said:
I thought it was Kinky Corner in Dortmund for a moment :wink:
That was my first thought as well :oops:

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