Hole in the wall


Having been fed my supper whilst that pish is on I am asking whick feckwit thought that could be classed as entertainment?
The worst thing I've ever seen on TV. Everyone gets wet... big deal. All the phoney jokeyness annoys me. A bit of water, some foam, hard hats and Z listers, it must cost all of a tenner each week to put it on.
Pardon my ignorance, but I thought you meant "Procure some readies from the hole in the wall":

Paul Calf

It would have probably been funnier.
I thought it was about the pub by Waterloo Station with decent German beer...
You mean Emma Rigby?
Some research was done as I'd rather gouge my eye's out with a rusty WWI Bayonet than watch that pish...

(Is it me or does she look like that Paris Hilton bint?....)
Spanish_Dave said:
I thought it was Kinky Corner in Dortmund for a moment :wink:
That was my first thought as well :oops:

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