Hole in the Budget? Just Sell Off Some National Assets Cheap

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Brick, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. How the hell do you get a thirty-six billion pound shortfall in your budget? "No more boom and bust" and prudence the watchword my arrse. Still this seems pretty much SOP by now. Catastrophically fuck everything up and when the bill becomes due either sell off some assets on the cheap or take out the government equivalent of one of those 'Consolidate all your loans for one low easy price' schemes you see advertised on the afternoon telly that end up charging you 15-20%, as long as you can fix things so they don't appear on the books of course - witness Public-Private Partnerships/Private Finance Initiatives and the like. I love the last paragraph at the end about 'difficult market conditions' and 'depressed some asset prices', shades of ignoring advice and costing us an estimated two billion pounds again maybe?
  2. The problem then becomes what do you do when you have sold everything you can do without? Start selling off things you need? Like what?

    Everyone knows that the 'Cash Converters' answer is no answer. It is a short term temporary fix. the only way to fix the budget is to spend less and earn more. So let's do that. Let's spend less on things we don't need. The NAAFI Bar Regulars would come up with plenty of things that can be cut in a budget, but how about a REALISTIC list? What can we cut from the budget and still keep Britain 'Great'?
  3. How about overseas aid?

    We give £2.94BILLION away each and every year to the UN
    Official development assistance of £6.5Billion

    £1.5Billion on fighting AIDS overseas.

    And we have pledged, sorry Gordonthemoron has said that we will increase that amount by 11% to £9.1 billion by 2010.

    Charity begins at home?

    1x British Army. One lady owner. Very high mileage but sound runner. Mostly intact and proven high performance. Very dependable, ideal for fixing problems around the world. Would suit any major power wanting to meddle in other countries business. Best to use near available fuel supply. Taxed and MOT to end of this financial year (but not much beyond). Any sensible offer considered.

    Contact Des@MoD.uk (office hours on Mon, Wed and up to mid-day Fri)
  5. £21 Billion will be going to the EU over the next three years into the sleaze ridden black hole of the still uncleared and corrupt accounts there.

  6. Let's sell the 2012 Olympics - in the same way you pass on a meddlesome timeshare. It's got to be worth something to a country that isn't in with a chance of getting them usually.

    Quick bung to the IOC (normal procedure) keeps them happy and we'll throw in our pisspoor athletes too.
  7. I didn't know that we had any assets left to sell. We have sold off the Gas, Electric, Water, Railways drip drip drip
    Why on earth we got involved in the Olympics is beyond all reason.
  8. Perhaps we should have just left Northern Rock to go to the wall - that would cover the deficit. I remember, we can't, most of its employees are in the North East. It should have been left to file for bankruptcy.
  9. How about selling off the Houses of Parliament, They would be worth a fortune and I bet there are a few American Merchant Banks who would love to have their HQ there. The govt could move into a modern building 'reflecting a new mood of political modernity and open-ness'. Oh Christ, I have been infected.
  10. Not such a great idea. Look at the utter balls up that is Holyrood in Scotland. No matter how much cash they get selling Westminster a new Parliment building would cost twice as much, take twice as long to build and not last half the years this one has.

    Oh God. I just talked them in to it didn't I?
  11. There's plenty of old, disused office space 'Oop North' that the Gobment could move straight into. Just needs the electric and phones switched on. Some of them even have a month's free rent per year... savings all round!
  12. There's always Ken's gin palace a bit further up the Thames, no need therefore for a re-build.
  13. We could flog Gibraltar off to the Spanish, they've always fancied adding it to their property portfolio. If they don't come up with enough cash I'm sure Morrocco would be interested! Gibraltar used to be strategically important as a Naval base. Since the Navy are all on first name terms now and only possess two rotting rowing boats on the Serpentine, I think we should sell!
  14. msr

    msr LE

    How about sacking some of 800,000 civil servants whose jobs have been created since 1997 and whose pensions we won't be able to afford anyway?

  15. I'd pay a fiver for Gib! My first act as the new owner would be to deport a certain dusky professional lady, who accepted monies for services she failed to provide, behind a skip!