holding the position of member of parliament

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rockhoppercrab, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. OK, no apologies if this has been said before but i have had a few weissbiers and framboises and dont really give a monkeys. Bit down, as yet again we are loosing the flowers of our youth on the altar of political kudos. After reading the latest obituary i am of the opinion that to hold political office in this country of ours, every minister has to have held a post whereby he, or she, serves the public and the greater good of this country by working in some sort of public service, be it the forces, police, NHS or any other worthy cause. The latest bunch of solicitors and mealy mouthed products of a skewed education and to be honest, "slimey used car salesmen" make me sick to think i swore an oath to serve these ministers appointed by Her Majesty. As a youth i held the local MP as well as my teachers and headmasters in high regard, as most were of the generation who fought during WW2, (quite a few were part of the forgotten 14th army), and as such many knew the horrors of conflict and could put into perspective any decision that was made. This bunch only see as far as the next soundbite.
    P.s. this applies to all parties not just the shampaign socialists in office (and thats not a spelling error).
  2. should of crossed ya fingers like the rest of us before swearing the oath :D :D :D now take a prozac and lighten up ya boring sh*te :D :D
  3. knew i should have hade a shite when flying over that sad excuse of an island :)

  4. :D :D :D thats better :D
  5. Cheers matey, i will start on the malt and be a lot happier for it.