Holding sy clearance as a independant consultant

Quick one

someone I know has left the list X coy he was working for and is now setting himself up as a consultant in his own right.

Q - who then holds his sy vetting which he will need to keep for the work he will hopes to be doing? I take it he can't do it himself.

Does it simply reside at DVA?

Certificate will be at DVA as the authority for valid in date clearances. The issue he will have is that you can no longer submit your own paperwork for a clearance, it has to be sponsored by a list X or and MoD sponsor. This normally means the project you are on requiring it. A tame IPT might do it for him.


What's "sy" vetting? Is it the same as SC/DV?

If it is the same, then his clearance will expire if it's not being "held" by a list X company, or the MoD. However if he is going into consulting for list X companies then they can transfer the clearance from the DVA to themselves for the duration of his contract. They will then return it to the DVA once he's finished there, and so on etc.

If he doesn't use his clearance, it will expire.

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