Holding our nerve in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. Holding our nerve in Afghanistan
    Communities have flourished where foundations of security have been laid. We intend to replicate these successes in 2010

    Jim Dutton
    guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 29 December 2009 12.00 GMT

    With British forces mainly based in Helmand, it is not surprising that most reporting in UK concentrates on that province, and reporting of the recent tragic casualties reflects this. Having returned last month from a year as the deputy commander of the International Security Assistance Force (Isaf) in Kabul, I can give a more Afghanistan-wide perspective.

    There has been encouraging development in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban regime eight years ago. The statistics speak for themselves: in education, enrolled pupil numbers have grown from 1 million in 2001 to about 6.6 million today. More than a third of these are girls, up from virtually none under the Taliban. Access to healthcare has vastly improved across the country, with 82% of the population now living in a district with access to basic healthcare, compared with 9% in 2003.
  2. Nice to see an article based around our progress in Afghanistan for once.
  3. The worst possible thing that could happen Afghanisatan is that in International forces pull out too early/completely.
  4. Yep, super smashing great! The money that could have been spent on our own country is being spent on a bunch of ragheads instead.
  5. So we're losing some excellent soldiers so afghannie girls can learn to read & write :?

    Rather keep our guys here and spend the money on those of our nation who can't get easy access to dentists :)
  6. Quite.....more of an opinion piece than an article. I thought that was what we had politicians for, or have they finally realised nobody believes a word they say?
  7. But sending us to Iraq and Afghanistan makes the gobment think it's still some sort of world player on the stage. Guess what! The days of imperial might are long gone!
  8. Heh, I suppose. But at least the reporting is positive rather than negative, like they all tend to be nowadays.
  9. The only international force i would like to see in afghan would consist of the armed forces of, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and anybody else from that region who for generations have expected us to support them with NO payback.
  10. I'm not too sure about India, but I'd certainly like to see the Saudis there. They started the whole thing in the first place when their fellas banjoed the Twin Towers, and they've an army of something like a million squaddies, plus about five million more militia and such.

  11. What a load of bollox!

    There is only 'progress' as long as that progress is paid for in coalition blood. The minute we stop bleeding for the Afghans and come home, it will be back to the future faster than you can grow the next poppy crop.

  12. Broon seems to have missed that dit judging by his vainglorious grandstanding with the Chinese this morning…
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Dont forrget the Guardian is the party mouth piece of new Labour and as such is attempting to convince its wavering tofu munchering (probably BBC employees or E&D managers) voters that it was a good thing and anyway its only chavs and upper class twits that choose to get killed for Queen and Country!
    CuntsIwouldnt letmychickensshitonthatrag!
  14. Don't you think it just a little worrying that this good news regarding progress has been written by a very senior serving officer who has just finished a tour as DCOM ISAF.

    Would you expect him to say his efforts over the past 12 months have been a disaster?

    When the positive stories from independent sources outweigh the negative stories from independent sources, then - maybe - it would be time to rejoice.
  15. Its called human rights!

    ISAF is training the ANA & ANP to take over, but the Afghan Government is crupt (show me one that isn't)

    The Pakistan couldn't be trusted to stop the Taliban crossing their border and regrouping

    A lot of British (and other troops) have died but if they pull out the Taliban will take back over and kill all those who helped ISAF and those who question them. What will they have died for then?