Holding duel ACF/CCF Commissions

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. This will put the cat amongst the pigeons. If this possible and has anyone done it?
  2. Surely you would have 1 TA List B Commission and 2 appointments?

    Or is the title actually not a typo and this some obscure form of "willy duelling"?
  3. Not into Willy Dueling lol!

    Just asking for information really as this is something I may try to do.
  4. I think that would be the answer.
  5. The ACF Manual lays down the rules at para 4.053 a and b.

    You must belong to CCF or ACF not both at the same.
  6. 4.4. Dual-appointed cadet force officers. An officer who already has a commission/ appointment with one of the single-Service cadet forces may, in addition, have an appointment in the CCF provided that the conditions in sub-paras 4.3a and 4.3b above are met.

    The CCF rules says you can!
  7. ACF Manual 2005 Edition para 4.003 b gives the answer which is yes it can be done. See below


    b. Dual CCF and ACF Appointments.

    (1) ACF officers may also serve as CCF officers (and vice versa) but only with the prior agreement of the ACF Cadet Commandant and CCF Contingent Commander concerned, who must satisfy themselves that the dual appointment will not create any conflict of duties. The ACF County to which a CCF officer is to be appointed is to notify the RFCA which will verify that a suitable vacancy exists and take the necessary JPA action to make the appointment. The CCF Contingent to which an ACF officer is to be appointed will apply to the Regional Brigade or Division/District which, having verified that the proposed appointment has the approval of the school Principal, will take the necessary JPA action to make the appointment.

    (2) The entitlement of pay for such officers is calculated by applying the appropriate rules separately for each appointment. Entitlement to a separate Uniform Allowance for each type of cadet force may only be authorised on an individual basis by MOD (PS 10 (Army)).

    (3) Applications for dual appointments that would result in an individual being an officer in one cadet force but an AI/SSI in the other cadet force are not to be approved.

    (4) A CCF officer serving with the ACF must be certified by CRB/DS as suitable to work with children and vulnerable adults at enhanced level.
  8. Whilst you're there, is there an answer regarding AIs (NCO) serving both ACF and CCF? Just interested.
  9. 5.007. Dual ACF/CCF Commitment. An individual may be an AI in the ACF at the
    same time as being an SSI in the CCF, with the agreement on the one hand of the ACF Cadet
    Commandant and parent RFCA, and on the other hand of the CCF Contingent Commander
    and parent Formation HQ. All parties must be satisfied that the dual commitment will
    not create any conflict of duties and the approving authority is to be the Formation HQ.
    However, an individual may not be an officer in one cadet force and an AI/SSI in the other.
    CCF applicants to join the ACF are to be subject to the same eligibility rules and enrolment
    procedures as all other applicants.
  10. ah... of course! The CCF don't have NCOs other than the SSI does it! Doink.
  11. "The CCF don't have NCOs other than the SSI does it!"

    Neither does the ACF, however some like to think they are!
  12. You know what I mean. I didn't want to say 'AIs' because that also gets applied across the board to all instructors.

    For simplicity, call them SNCOs. They wear the badge, they get paid at the rank, for all intents and purposes they are SNCOs inside their own organisation. I do wish people would get bored of the 'who's a real NCO and who's a fake one' thing, it really doesn't ******* matter does it.
  13. Call them CFAVs.
  14. CFAVs include officers.

    Therefore, had I said "You don't get CFAVs in the CCF" I would have also been incorrect.
  15. CFAVs - Officers and Adult Insructors not Officers and NCOs or Officers and NCOs / WOs and trust me I have heard them refer to themselves as WO2 and WO1 and witnessed them sign various bits of paperwork as such.

    Walked into one ACF WETC to be greeted by a board listing the past and present RSMI all recorded as WO1.