Holdfast Training Services at Minley and Chatham

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by the_field_mouse, Jun 2, 2011.

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  1. Did have a look for a thread but to no avail.

    What are people's thoughts on HTS and the service it does or does not provide.

    If you are not not aware: Home | Holdfast Training Services Ltd

    "In a Public Private Partnership (PPP) that will span 30 years, Holdfast and the RSME will modernise training and the management of training through the development of new initiatives. It will also provide new & improved living and training accommodation thereby creating an environment where capabilities are stream-lined to deliver not only the training required today but the training that will be required to meet the needs of tomorrow’s Royal Engineers. "

    at a cost of £3bn.

  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Judging by the number of replies so far, we can assume it is doing what it says on the tin!

    But from my standpoint I think that despite early fears the RSME has still kept its military ethos (in fact over the last couple of years it has improved it - the training is certainly more relevant to the current demand that ever), and we have saved a shed load of military posts that have gone back into the Field Army. Lets face it some posts at RSME - especially Chatham - were hardly top of everyone's PPP.

    I also see when visiting both Minley and Chatham (and now DEMSS) that there is stacks of new building happening, and maintenance is still going on. That is comes from PPP money, so is unaffected by the latest MOD moritorium on infra spending.

    So on balance, it seems good. And certainly better than many other example in Defence training.
  3. I worked for holdfast in Chatham as part of the MT section. It was a complete joke. Cost cutting from the off, too many chiefs not enough Indians and many ex civil servants taking the piss until they retire. The majority of the instructors I dealt with where, thankfully, mostly military. The civi ones where a ******* embarrassment. Most of them had not done their job for real in years and couldn't grasp the reality of a task unless it was on paper. Most of the sappers hated the civi staff as all they wanted to do was drink coffee and smoke. Whereas the lads wanted to get on and learn. Spending time in Chatham is shit without adding a bunch of overweight, chain smoking, coffee drinking, lazy, retarded so called instructors to the mix. It's a big shame that the majority ruined or for the minority.

    Oh, and the head shed there couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery either.

  4. At my last unit my boss had to go to the Comd Wg for a course. When the JI turned up they had the correct front page but pages 2 and 3 were for different courses. So for an important career course he received pages of shite that were of no relevance to him or his course. Plus the kitlist was for a jnr soldiers course and again bore no resemblance to the kit required for his course.
    This could be a 1 off or indicative of a slack admin set up.
  5. lad in my troop has just got back from his JCC. One of the rooms carpets wasn't hoovered as well as they wanted, the lads squared it in 5 mins but Holdfast were trying to raise a £60 bill for carpet cleaning.

    Fair enough the accommodation was howling and if its been made good it needs keeping that way but common sense needs to be applied.

    Anyone else heard that the B3 course is classed as an arduous course now and the chocolate frogs have to sign for a tracker bar, fruit and other things for a 4th meal to keep the little darlings going
  6. Tracker bar, fruit and milk. I got the milk for my breakfast in the morning, im a tight arrse. But holdfast were shit, especially on ex. Never had enough stores given to us for any task.
  7. Just to avoid any misunderstanding, I do not have anything to do with the aforementioned Holdfast Training services.
  8. Like with any civvies given a little bit of power over anyone in the army they go mad with it and seem to think that they have the right to talk to you like a bit of shit wiped off their shoe, arrange a timing timing with you (ie march out) and not turn up, whereas you turn up a minute late for them they will be straight to the badge to get you in the shit.
    Report a problem and instead of coming and checking it out themselves, bring in an outside company to have a look, probably charge the army a big call out fee to say 'Only Holdfast can sort this out'.
    I don't know where to start on the food, especially Chatham so I'm not even going to bother. Thinking back to that scoff makes me sick in my mouth a bit.
  9. You get the milk, alpen bar and fruit in the 'scoff box' in basic training aswell so I don't think its due to the B3 course being arduous but insteast probably just a duty of care for juniour soldiers **** about...

    With regards to Holdfast, I had no real quarms except that the food is howling at times.
  10. Fair one about the scoff, I'm in Kitchener and the other day I had off chicken curry with no chicken and they ran out of rice so it was burnt roasties that resembled dog shite that's took a turn for the worst. Truly howling! Good job Tescos is down the road. Cant say its much better on camp but at least its PAYD so you can choose to chin it off.
  11. I haven't eaten in Kitchener for about 15 years but it sounds like nothing has changed. I don't know what it is about the cookhouse there; it seems that everyone has a story about how shite it is, regardless of the era that they served in. It certainly comes to something when a little old lady in Lodge Hill can bang out better scoff single handed, as can sloppos in the middle of the ulu...
  12. I remember the Lodge Hill Lunch Ladies with great fondness - and Mary on the gate.

    What is it with some (many) army cook houses?

    I just spent a week at a copper mine in the North of Laos and the canteen food was superb. Canteen staff are catering for about 200 people and supplied both Western and Laos food - and there was waiter service.