Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by geo7863, Mar 7, 2007.

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  1. Now call me a doddering old fool if you want, b ut I am atrifle confused here.

    I dont watch much TV, but occasionally watch Holby City amonst other things.... BBC tosh, with the little fat chubby frizzy haired fucker from Eastenders of old (jeez he's a heart surgeon!), Ade edmonson used to be in it too..I think...then there's the young fella shtooping his mental patient and the big fat black mamma (didnt she used to be a cook on Channel 4?

    I am watching telly now, well its on whilst i'm surfing the net...and theres casualty, set at...Holby city!!

    is this the same hospital? or two rival same-named hospitals in the same town... or two same-named hospital in different towns?

    if its the same hospital then why isnt the frizzy haired Chubby fucker on casualty...does it not tie in with his shift patterns?

    what about the kinky blonde doctor ladies they arent on casualty either, are there two complete sets of doctors and nurses for each hospital in the NHS

    If so shouldnt we be badgering the government about this, overstaffing and yet still waiting lists longer than a scouse dole queue!!
  2. No worries mate, the Kiwi Doc is enough for me! (She is a Kiwi?)
  3. oh bugger I am well confused which hospital is she in? does she work with the mong from deadenders and the fella that ran up them 39 steps all them years ago?
  4. don't you just love the bombs though? :)
  5. well that second one looked to be 250~500kg wouldnt it have made a bigger bang than that? wouldnt they have been wearing the tractor whilst running with stumpy in the blanket?
  6. Thought the doc's ATO skills were top notch - identified the fuse type with her stethoscope just like that...brill!!
  7. She obviously remembered watching 'Danger UXB' when she was a wee lass!!
  8. i am forced to watch, but i must admit, patsy kensit floats my boat. and that doctor whos a bitch with the gwa hair and chiselled features makes me do a sex wee......
  9. patsy kensit???
  10. she's a nurse in one of the hospitals...dont ask which one...she's a minger though really

    the doc that looks like Servelan would get her back doors kicked in though!!
  11. Holby City

    This might clear up confusion.........