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Hol4Heroes who do I need to speak too?

Getting a couple of days to myself, no work, no kids this is rarer than rocking Horse crap. Weekend of the Southport Airshow. So I was thinking of doing a Walk for Hols4heroes. Who do i need to speak too about forms and stuff?

St.Helens to Southport 20ish miles.

Edited to add getting more organised now.
Mwl, forms printed and message sent to Hol4heroes through the web page. Just need to sort a T-shirt and trying to rope in some of the Steroid freaks at work.


Book Reviewer
I'm taking WO Hamilcar to the Air Show with me so if you would like to meet up and have your picture taken with him for your PXR then let me know.
Told you it was easy Sinner!
Easy? Walk cancelled due to work rota changing, and almost complete lack of interest from people. Between the 2 of us that were planning on doing the walk we have asked every business on site and pretty much everyone who works her (over 500) we have only got £130 pledged. And that mostly from family, we have asked those people who pledged to donate to a service charity of there choice instead.

Its been a quite depressing experience really.

Warrington what a wonderful town.:pissedoff::pissedoff::pissedoff::puker:

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