Hoist the Union flag

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jul 6, 2007.

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  1. Noises were made about this and lo, we are told the Union flag flutters proudly atop our building at this moment. Hurrah!

    Off to check it is the right way up.


    Brown lifts ban on national flag

    The union flag is flying over Downing Street after Gordon Brown scrapped a rule saying it could be flown only on certain days of the year.
    The prime minister said it will now be up to individual public offices when they fly Britain's national flag.

    He said: "When I came into government I realised that you could only fly the flag on 18 days in the year and I thought that was wrong."

    He said he also wanted to promote British values of liberty and fairness.

    Mr Brown made "Britishness" a key theme in his pitch for the Labour leadership, often appearing against a union flag backdrop.

    But he has faced criticism in the past over his calls for a national British day and for praising the American practice of flying the national flag in private gardens.

    'Hearts and minds'

    In a speech last year, Conservative leader David Cameron accused Mr Brown of wanting to "institutionalise" being British, arguing it was possible to feel "multiple patriotism" with loyalties not only to where you live, but also to where you were born.

    "I think we should realise that Britishness is a concept that, if grasped too hard, slips away," the Tory leader added.

    Mr Brown told BBC Breakfast he wanted to "isolate" extremists and "show how unacceptable the views of terrorist extremists are".

    But he said he realised there was more to winning "hearts and minds" than flying the national flag.

    "It is also about how you persuade people that our values about the dignity of human life, about liberty, about our belief in fairness for all, that these are values that define Britain.

    "And these people who try to present Britain in a different light, we have to take them on.

    "We have got to take them on culturally, we have got to take them on in newspapers, we have got to take them on in the media."
  2. I wonder if he will fly the English flag on St George's day, being a Scot and that.
  3. Nice one!
  4. Nice one, but I still won't vote for him. However, he has just zipped up the chain of my respect from "cunt" to "better than Blair".
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Bout time!
    Remeber when McGuiness was the 'education minister' over here & my area's education HQ was in Bangor & McGuiness visited.The police removed the U.J's,Red Hand flags ect but they were back up within the day!
  6. It's a strange state of affairs when David Cameron out-liberals the Labour government.
  7. And if it isn't the right way up would you answer the distress call or leave it to the emergency services?

    Unlike Bliar, whom I detested from day 1 of his presidential inauguration, after his recent constitutional plans announced in the House and now this I am starting to listen to this man Brown. There may be more to him than meets the eye.
  8. Sorry, but I view Bruin's obsessive push for 'Britishness' and the Union as being entirely self-serving. He knows he has no legitimacy in England.
  9. As much as I dislike Brown it's about time someone has shown that it's not racist to fly our own flag. I wonder if the PC brigade will have anything to say about it?
  10. Always one moaner. There has been an email doing the rounds that in fact Brown wanted to stop the UF being flown , to avoid upsetting minorities.

    How strange the real story is the direct opposite.

    If Brown wants to kick-start respect for being British, and pride in that , then he's got my support. Anything that helps to remove the stigma of being referred to as the 51st state and America's lapdog is good .

    We're British and we should be proud of it. Well done Mr. Brown.
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    The pot smoking hoodie hugger is saying pretty much what he thinks will be opposite to what Brown things and hoping to score a hit.

    One point to Brown with this one. So far he's doing OK, and by that I mean he hasnt said anything that make me want to lamp him. So far.

  12. There's very little to choose between Brown and Cameron, they'll bioth say and do anything that they think will get them a few more votes while both of t6hem will do whatever they can get away with whether the electorate want it or no.
  13. What other nation would restrict the flying of it's national flag to only 18 days a year on public buildings? Seriously...try and think of one.

    That we are even discussing the issue, shows how absolutely lunatic things have become in this country under the liberals, desperate as they are to self-flagellate.
  14. When was the rule set in place? And for what reason?

    Did it happen in the last ten years, fifty, One hundred?

    And how do You know it was a liberal or even Liberal reason (thats a choice not a comment by the way).
  15. He knows the tide has turned and everyone is sick of this weak lefty PC bullsh*t, that's the only reason he's doing this.