Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Hitch, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Is anyone here working in the MI Section in Hohne or has recently served there? Could you PM me?

  2. try asking Jim.
  3. I visited there briefly in 1979, and enjoyed it a great deal, although I don't remember much about it. Very flat.
  4. I left middle of last year.

    What you want to know?
  5. Who?.........Me?
  6. Sorry...can't help as I've never been a memebr of the Int Corps and never been based in Hohne.

    Apparently something to do with not upsetting the Russians, before they became our friends.
  7. maybe other jim can help.
  8. It's in the middle of nowhere, but there is a whore house... :p
  9. Ah. It's all coming back now.
  10. IIRC there are there are 2 whore houses out of the gates, turn
    right and quick scamper over the road. :safe:

  11. Gym might help you O chubby one.
  12. Having spent several centuries just down the road in the glittering metropolis of Celle, I can only concur and add to "very flat", "very sandy", "very wet" and "very very boring".

    On the up side, the locals are interesting and many are oddly evasive when questioned about events between 1937 or so and 1945. Look out for the picturesque village of Hambuehren, where all the houses have walls 1m+ in thickness, on account of they were actually an ammunition factory and treat yourself to a trip out to Bergen-Belsen, which, despite not having been a death camp per se, still managed a pretty impressive throughput, including two of Glad's uncles.
  13. Angie's bar, as i recall was my ticket to the MCTC
  14. i see you have been missing having someone to abuse for the last 3 weeks whilst we were all away on exercise and pre-deployment training!

    afraid i am off my feet for a while old chap (and i do mean old :) ). next time i am in the gym will be physio & rehab when i get the cast off in about 6 weeks. until then i am limited to the CFT (Crutches Fitness Test), PFT (Plaster Fitness Test) and APWT (Avec Plaster Waddling Test)...