Hohne reunion July '12

Shot in the dark but, any chance any of you arrser's are going on the reunion in July this year in Germany?
Just curious..

Cue sarcastic comments... NOW.
Just what is it you are re-uning?
Its a 111 renunion, load of people me old man used to serve with invited me to go with them after they attended their funeral.. Practically just a 4 day piss up in the wonderful bars of Bergen and Hohne..

Anyone happen to know if Jubels is still open?
Don't forget to check the jars of anti freeze on the guard room window ledge.
I played Rugby against the Hohne Provos, back in 88-89, my god that was a grudge match. Limbs flying everywhere. Funniliy enough was a great beer party after the match.

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