Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pompey, May 30, 2007.

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  1. It's real but the lad is the son of Nicknack from the man with the golden gun.
  2. Finally, the ex mrs Nog has been caught :D
  3. indeed it is boy, indeed it is

    a 50 cal pistol!! fucking hell
  4. I would expect to see a lot more photos if that thing is for real.

    BTW an interesting link further down showing apprentice star romping away in a field. Classy chick!
  5. Bugger me!! Imagine the bacon sandwich you could get out that bad boy!!
  6. Drop him out of a Herc in Helmand
  7. Bit harsh on the boy..Isn't it.. :wink:
  8. No.

    Besides, he'd find it funny.
  9. He shoulda bloody shot this!!
  10. he should have shot Camillazilla
  11. Seconded.

    Fat cunt
  12. I thought he had.
  13. The little bastard fired 16 shots and hit the pig nine times. This would get you ten years for cruelty in Germany. The .50 Cal pistol delivers a maximum of 1500 Joules at the muzzle. Thats not enough energy to kill an animal of this size which would require 4000 Joules and upwards. The poor pig was tortured to death!

    The pig has been reared on hormone feeds to this size and then released to be shot as a feral pig. Very sporting!

    11 year old boys are a danger to themselves and others with a catapult, what kind of parent gives a brat a bombed up desert eagle?

    Now tell me that septics are not a nation of tw@s!!