Hogmanay - How Do You Do Yours?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_wolf, Dec 24, 2011.

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  1. I came across the following video on YouTube last night and thought what a phenomenal way to bring in the new year, whether you're a Big Country fan or not.


    It did get me thinking, what has been your most memorable Hogmanay (new year for you English types) and how did you see in the bells. Bonus points for something bizarre.

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  2. Usually spend it sat miserablly waiting to fuck off to bed, it's just another fucking day, no-ones seemed to twig that yet!
  3. I'll be pissed and anticipating getting the fuck out of UK.
  4. Fucking Hogmanay. What a stupid name. I celebrate New Year by hoping every porridge gobbling cunt dies of an overdose. The druggy cunts.
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  5. I watch Braveheart and drink a case on Tennants and the gob off at sassenachs in Euston Station.

    Do you have the price of a ticket sir?
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  6. I start drinking about 16.00 then stagger to bed about 23.00. Awakened by the louts shouting in the street around 01.00. As I am awake I use the fact to stagger to the bathroom for a piss.
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  7. At home with the family until the bells. At the bells outside with the guns to bring in the New year. Its like a combination of the wild west and Guy fawkes as everyone is outside either shooting or letting off fireworks. Back into the house for a few, awaiting first footers. Normally go wandering down to next door about 03:00 and just keep moving from house to house. Usually get home between 08:00 and 12:00 on the first. Have a bite to eat and get ready for the evenings entertainments.

    New year out here is all about community and family enjoying themselves, not the drunken crap that happens elsewhere although it must be said there is no shortage of strong drink, even for the young.
  8. I'm alright with it until it gets to the part where everyone does the false bezzering and singing auld lang syne, which nobody knows past the first line and just mumbles the rest...fucknig embarassing to say the least,
    but at least we have moved on from the days when we all had to suffer the porridgewoggery on tv delivered by andy steward and kenneth mckellar....all hoots mon and kilts! fuck me it was grim.
  9. TheresaMay

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    Why do you HTC users all feel the need to keep bragging how you get online these days?

    Maybe I should change my signature to:

    "Sent using my laptop, which is remarkable considering how slow it grinds with all the porn clogging up my hard drive"
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  10. It's what you make it. FFS chill out, have a few beers and rustle a new sheep.
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  11. At least it wasn't digital, HD and in colour...shudder.
  12. New Year's Eve is just Hogmanay with added homosexuality.

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  13. You're the cunts that wear skirts, not us.
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  14. Speaking as a woman with a Scottish family, the only reason you tight bastards prefer Hogmanay to Christmas is because buckfast and irn-bru is more acceptable as a hogmanay gift than a Christmas present. Pissed up, cheapskate cunts.
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  15. Aye but we're manly about it, we don't wear knickers

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