Hockey(with ice) in the forces...

Is there Hockey (with ice of course) within the forces.
I'm currently in process of joining up, lived in Canada though for most of my life, and well... hockey was almost every waking second from October to May.

Any teams, pick-up games etc?
Besides going to watch the Elite League, or the lower leagues.
I'm sure you'll be welcomed; most Army players will admit they're not up to Canadian standards. Give Red a call (as per Dinger's link) and he'll give you all the info you require.


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The RLC, REME and AAC all have ice hockey teams. The Army, Navy and RAF all have teams. I can pm you contact details if you want. PM me if you want details.
Ice hockey has grown from strength to strength in the Services over the last ten years with a community of over 600 players. The Army will seek to secure a record breaking fifth consecutive Tri Service Champsionship this June in Sheffield.

The Army Ice Hockey Association consists of teams from across the Army including AAC, AGC, INF, RE, REME, RLC, R SIGS. Additionally, AMS, RA and RAC teams are in the pipeline. If your Corps is not represented you will still be able to play under the banner of the All Stars.

The Army is the biggest supplier of firepower to the UKAF team with players recently competing in overseas tournaments in Australia, Canada, Finland, Switzerland and soon Latvia (May 17).

11-14 RLC Training Camp, Hull (open to all)

3-4 Army Championships, Sheffield

6-9 Inter & Tri Service Championships, Sheffield

The AIHA welcomes players of all abilities.

Interested? Get in touch.

Army Ice Hockey Association

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