Hoax Virus warnings

There are a growing number of hoax virus warnings in circulation. Rather like the Craig John appeal they will consume all sorts of resources.

If you keep your AV up to date, you would probably be as well to treat them as SPAM. If you are curious then check with Sophos or Symantec:

Here's an example re the "WTC survivor"


If anyone in the Corps is aware of any other hoax visruses, please feel free to add them below:
The Sandhurst block virus is reputed to be an asymmetrical virus.

It can mainfest itsself in a number of forms. Originally identified in Lisburn:

A bed check in the female accommodation finds the occupant of one empty bed in bed with another woman. No charges brought.

The same bed check finds the owner of another empty bed in the other end of the block in bed with a bloke. Each fined 1 weeks pay, no hint of quarantine there !!

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