Hoax e-mailer says he's sorry!

Should he get away with it?

  • Yes, it was only a bit of fun.

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  • Yes, it was an easy mistake to make.

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  • No, but it's not too serious.

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  • No, he should be shot!

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sad thing is the messages will probably turn out to be true.
dump him out there to tidy bodies away its not big and its not funny
Okay, who voted that it's not so serious? Not you who's been traumatized with false information about the death of a loved one then..... all because of someone's idea of a joke.
He said he remembered opening up email addresses of individuals who had left messages on the Sky service but could not remember typing up the email addresses himself
Andrew McArthur, defending, said: "He said it was simply a moment of madness.
"He does remember sending emails, but he obviously wasn't in clear thought at the time."
A case of shooting-in-foot anyone? Either he does or doesn't remember sending them :roll: God knows what he was thinking at the time. I agree with woody - chuck him the ocean, make him make his way to one of the islands, and get him out there to help with the USARTs as least.

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