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An alert at work draws attention to a Hoax Barclays email asking users to click on a link. It asks users to confirm bank details.

Users are advised; DO NOT click this link as it is a hoax and Barclays confirm they have not issued it.

I don't have a link to the e-mail, but please be aware.
Nice to see but it is only one of thousands in circulation. Never ever provide any details asked for in an unsolicited E Mail they are all a scam.


At the moment I'm getting them from Barclays, HSBC, Nationwide & Egg but stangely non from my bank. :D
Have had loads of these, usually in slightly shaky English.

I sometimes give them fictitious data - I assume that when they can't access an account, they'll think they fat fingered the details,and will try again several times.


Pork_Pie said:
I sometimes give them fictitious data
U & me both, there againI can't imagine we are the only ones to have a user name as fcuk off :D
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