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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Mongoose, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. It's official, as of today I am now a squaddies wife.
    Very strange situation, I suppose now we can have lovely convo's involving squaring stuff away and sorting out admin. 8O :?
  2. Congratulations... I think :p
  3. hmm, I use the term wife as a term of endearment, I haven't got married or anything.
    She's just passed out (not literally) of her basic training.

    Does this mean shes more hardcore than me? :?

    I'm *hushed tones* OTC for anyone wondering
  4. Congratulations Mongoose! Please remind your husband that he has only a two week window to get you to the QMs. Two pairs of Ron Hills, 2 Pairs of 4 inch heels and I believe now you will have the choice of either 2 Polka Dot T shirts (2 sizes too big) or 2 Boob-tube tops (cyan or purple). Its free issue for Army wives, but I believe you'll have to pay for your own laundry costs. Again, congrats.

  5. Husband!!?? Bugger off!
  6. Well, youre going to look a tad silly in polka dot then. Ah well, with love comes sacrifice. :)
  7. congratulations hun welcome to the wonderful world of pads wives!!! lol best of luck to you and the other half!!!.
  8. Is Rear Party broken?

    Or do you just like to clog up both sites with knitting circle dribble?
  9. Mongoose is a Bloke, for those of you who were unsure. :D aww mummies little soldier is growing up. are you planning on moving to germany then?

    P.S I think you would suit the boobtube and white high heels.
  10. I’m confused…

    Are you a carpet licker then?
    Which one of you has the fishiest breath after a steamy night?