Ho hum

It's official, as of today I am now a squaddies wife.
Very strange situation, I suppose now we can have lovely convo's involving squaring stuff away and sorting out admin. 8O :?
hmm, I use the term wife as a term of endearment, I haven't got married or anything.
She's just passed out (not literally) of her basic training.

Does this mean shes more hardcore than me? :?

I'm *hushed tones* OTC for anyone wondering
Congratulations Mongoose! Please remind your husband that he has only a two week window to get you to the QMs. Two pairs of Ron Hills, 2 Pairs of 4 inch heels and I believe now you will have the choice of either 2 Polka Dot T shirts (2 sizes too big) or 2 Boob-tube tops (cyan or purple). Its free issue for Army wives, but I believe you'll have to pay for your own laundry costs. Again, congrats.

Mongoose is a Bloke, for those of you who were unsure. :D aww mummies little soldier is growing up. are you planning on moving to germany then?

P.S I think you would suit the boobtube and white high heels.

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