Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by intergeri, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. Am I the only person who really hates Christmas? All that bloody festive cheer from people who don't give a rat's arse about you for the rest of the year. Way too much money spent on presents just for that 20 mins of delight when they open them and then the rest of the day spent trying deperately to find something on tv that isn't gonna induce vomitting or a coma. Or maybe it's just me? Anyway enjoy: :santa:




  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Nope, you have a vote from this c/s too. I could happily and joyfully bugger off for the entire Xmas period which starts these days about the end of September...........

    Just bring me back for Hogmany :D
  3. You old whinging gits! Change your bags and feel the festive fun! :D

    I'm on leave as of tomorrow so bring it on!!!! :santa:
  4. Cromwell was right, cancel the fcuker...

    It's hard enough to be civil to tw@ts who don't deserve it for the other 50 weeks of the year, let alone for the 2 weeks they bezzie you up in the off-chance you'll give them a card or a decent secret santa prezzie.

    I always give secret santa prezzies of condoms, so the 'reciever' can go and get fcuked! Male or female, it's the right choice...
  5. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Hogmany isn't any better, I live in Edinburgh and it's a complete nightmare. Everyone converges here to throw up on the streets and sleep in shop doorways. Don't come anyone who's thinking about it, it's fcuking freezing and will probably rain. Don't get me wrong we are lovely friendly people until some drunken knob smelling of sick wants to "give you a new year snog" :pukel:
  6. Sorry about that, twas a good night though!
  7. You are not alone.........

    If its one thing I hate at this time of year its false comraderie. You know.

    "Go on, talk to him/her...its Christmas"

    "So fcuking what - the bloke is a spanker of the highest order, they were yesterday and will be tomorrow. I hate them and would rather poke sticks in my eyes than talk to them. I'm certainly not going to be a fake 'because its Christmas"

  8. Sorry?? That's all you have to say? They're still trying to get rid of the smell of regurgated curry from the steps of the Scott's Monument! :D
  9. I like Christmas. Always have and hopefully always will. For me the best bit is having time off work to spend with my family. The parties/p1ss ups are good too.

    So Bah Humbug to the Bah Humbugers.

    :D :santa: :santa: :D
  10. And that guy who all year has been giving you the heebies suddenly thinks because it's christmas you'll have a sudden change of mind and mistake him for Johnny Depp, yeah fat chance of that happening!
  11. I was only ever privileged enough to go to the Hogmany street party once. Managed to see 2 girls pishing through their pants against a sign post outside Waverley station.

    Edinburgh... I feel for you... The place looked worse than the Lisburn road on the 12th of July!

    Sh1te bands that year too...

    But FFS lighten up... Remember the true spirit of Christmas... Concede that it's going to be a load of balls, and get tanked up on copious amounts of alcohol!
  12. Good to see the traditional ARRSE 'Bah Humbug thread back in all it's miserable glory!

    Tonight we load the car and head North to the Shetlands where we will spend yet another Christmas and New Year in isolated bliss away from the false glee overloaded with commercialism that has become the festive season. No TV signal, no phone (mobile signal only in one corner of the cottage). Me, the OH and the two dogs with maybe a few hours spent with genuine friends on New Years eve.
  13. Jeez that sounds fab! Any spare places going? If anyone is thinking off coming up here this hogmany, see below:
    the hype and the reality

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  14. Jesus, Geri, you grumpy old tart! Sounds to me like you need a damn good rogering from Santa Claus to create some festive cheer!