HMS Zulu 1/350th scale British Tribal class Destroyer by Trumpeter.

bow handrails on, they do improve the look of the model, but these bulwark rails are not supplied in the kit, .........spares box.
bow handrails.png

bow handrails b.png

bow handrails c.png
that's all the handrails fitted, construction completed, I've just touched in the brass with a careful airbrush touch in. I'm setting it aside, I'll order the glass and make up the base.
construction completed.png

I might add the trimmed down blurb from the side of the box to the base
I will add the uhu glue rigging wires when I have the glass dome made up, cleaning dust off of the rigging is not posible, so best done when there is protection available.
all rails fitted.png


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do you know, that's not such a crazy idea, not for this one, but when I do an old sailing ship that would look brilliant.
If you're going for a sailing ship, may I recommend this as a way to do the nameplate

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