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HMS York sails for South Atlantic

Ministry of Defence said:
HMS York left Portsmouth, bound for the South Atlantic, on Saturday where she will conduct maritime security patrols around the British South Atlantic Islands, including the Falklands and South Georgia.



With the reduction in FF/DD numbers post SDSR, how likely is it that this role will be gapped for increasingly frequent periods?
Low. There are other tasks that will be binned before this.



HMS Cumberland to return to Libya - and HMS York could join her - East Hampshire - The News

Prime Minister David Cameron has ordered HMS York to stand-by to rescue British citizens from Libya.

The Portsmouth-based Type 42 destroyer was on her way to a deployment in the Falkland Islands and had stopped in Gibraltar. She has now been ordered to stay in the Mediterranean to await orders to enter the crisis-hit country.

A Royal Navy spokesman added: ‘HMS York is in the Mediterranean and is available. Prime Minister David Cameron has asked for her to be made available and she is now heading a bit closer to Libya. She is available if the need arises and she is standing by.’
Does she have any Sea Dart Missiles this time?


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The point about this is that we had NO warships actually in the Med when all this blew up. Fortuitously Cumberland was on her way home, but she was actually still well south of Suez, and had to go to Crete to stock up before going to Benghazi. I would think it will be a couple of days before York actually puts in an appearance near Libya.


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Is she sailing in circles
She was off the coast of Libya yesterday

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