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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Brandt, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. I recently took the family to see HMS Victory in Portsmouth. Before we went, I looked on the website to see if there was a military discount, but none was shown. When I got there however, I was given four free adult tickets worth nearly £50. When I asked the cashier why it wasn't highlighted on the website she told me "they didn't like to publicise it."

    So, I've decided to do it for them.

    1. If you are a serving member of HM forces, you can get up to 4 tickets when they are on 'free flow' days (look at the 'site). You can get one free ticket when they are doing guided tours. These tickets will let you in to the Victory and the three RN museum blocks but not 'Action Stations' or the Mary Rose.

    2. If you want to comment on their lack of publicity for said discount, you can email the curator on the following link:

  2. I seem to recall your MOD 90 or RBL card gets you in:)
  3. HMS Victory is still a commissioned warship, therefore your admission is free on any day (IIRC) but I am unsure about your family. And you think some of the Army's vehicles are old!!
  4. And it also works for the Tower of London. Don't queue, flash the plastic.
  5. I've already been on the Vicotry for nowt, went down to London did all the sights in a day. The last thing on the list was the Victory, we literally ran up and joined a long queue that was going on, turned out to be a load of school kids on a pre paid jobbie, no one said a thing (this was over twenty years ago when I was also a kid)
  6. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    I wandered around London for ages, and didn't spot the Victory. Where is it again?

    Ah, I remember now, dry docked at Nelson. Takes a bit of time out of a London day trip................
  7. HMS Belfast do the same. Also free entry for cadets.

  8. Sorry, i'm a twart
  9. Went to Victory last week (on Trafalgar Day) and can confirm that those with MOD90's can get on for free. The family tickets are for direct families only and only at specific times (as already stated).

    I'd be keen to have confirmation on HMS Belfast - I went to Duxford on Thursday and there was no discount for MOD90.
  10. Squaddies - do you have to salute when boarding a warship in uniform, like us matelots?

    Squaddie officers - Have you ever been piped aboard a warship (i.e. bloke blows a whistle as you're walking up the gangway)?

    As a midshipman with several days experience in the Royal Navy, I once executed a textbook, palm out, longest way up army salute when boarding HMS Galatea. The junior rates manning the gangway very nearly pi$$ed themselves laughing.
  11. Yes, you should salute, and yes, I have been piped (HMS Westminster- very embarrasing it was too, as it was pretty unexpected and I wasn't entirely sure of what I should be doing.)