HMS Sutherland crew rescue drowning deer

Well done them. I hope they are proud of themselves when it catapults through some old dears car windscreen. The ******* things are everywhere and not enough stalkers to deal with them.


""What the rescue demonstrated was the versatility of my sailors who have obviously benefited from the current period of Flag Officer Sea Training. They showed flexibility, quick-thinking and teamwork to adapt to an unfamiliar situation".

Of course with a bit less versatility and a bit more prowess with a rifle, its head would be on the mess wall and venison would be on the menu......
Don't worry pebbles, there are plenty of stalkers here.....


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What a waste of good venison.

The RN has in the past rescued beer as well, as a matter of fact. In 1960 the minesweeper HMS Highburton retrieved a large barrel of same which had floated out of the cellar of Heavitrees' brewery during a flood. It was not drinkable but the brewery generously supplied a replacement which Jack quite appreciated.
Sounds like it was a good training opportunity - more realistic than throwing the man overboard dummy over the side.


Just what you want thrashing-about in a rubber inflatable; something with pointy things sticking out of its head.
God bless the Silent Service. Last month helicopters tow starting tractors, this month rescuing deers, next month .....
eodmatt said:
God bless the Silent Service. Last month helicopters tow starting tractors, this month rescuing deers, next month .....
Think you mean Senior service my friend, the silent service is the Submarine Fleet.
This story is not without historical precedent:

In 1941, the crew of HMS Trident were given a reindeer as a gift by the USSR navy. The 56 crewmen spent six weeks sharing their already confined living accommodation with the fully-grown reindeer nicknamed Pollyanna...
I applied for and was accepted as a boy seamen in the Royal Navy. After initial training I was drafted to HMS. Kent an 8 inch gun cruiser who was on the regular Russian and Atlantic convoys. I was in Murmansk for my 16th birthday. One of the odd things that we had to do was to transport a large reindeer which was a gift from the Russian people to King George VI. We managed to get it back to Scotland still alive...
Just goes to show that the RN's PR people are snapped to attention and after half an hour of right markering, will get the job jobbed.

Next headline will be about how they saved a swallow's nest under the carriers' flight decks that haven't even been built yet.

It's a result for the PR people in their ridiculous and appalling battalion strength across the services (probably more than that).

If we're not careful, the tri-services (shit phrase, that, but it's the one they use) will end up with as many people spinning on the phone as there are boots on the ground.

The RAF are hiring 80 more PR people even as I write this.

The more terrified each of the services becomes about SDSR, the more they expand their PR effort, telling local newspapers about how a 2 Para drop saved Mrs Miggin's cat, or how the Gibraltar Regiment told a dago to **** off.

All it does is undermine the respectability of the units they are talking up.

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