HMS Superb- another case of lack of integrity

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ballonhead, Jun 3, 2008.

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  1. Having just read the newspapers this morning I was confronted by yet another example of the misuse of mobile phones and lack of integrity within the Services these days.
    Aside from the reported accident that the submarine has had even more worrying ( to some but obviously not for all ) is the fact that a new video has appeared on youtube showing the Captian bollocking the men , taken onboard the ship, via a mobile phone. Of course all branches of the Forces are not squeaky clean, we have seen the RM roll mat wrestling and the Army "abusing" POWs. I am sure if we look around enough we would find RAF footage too.
    Two questions really. If you are not allowed a mobile phone in a HQ building why are you allowed to use one on a nuclear submarine ?
    What sort of people do we have working in these organisations who realise that they can make a quick buck from these incidents which will result in certain persons ( of their own branch) facing disciplinary actions ?
    Add to that - why didnt the old and bold in these situations get around the lads and make sure it didnt happen in the first place- or is it the old and bold who are actually guilty of the crime ?
  2. Have you got a link; Can't see it on Youtube. If it is true then what integrity? The perpetrator needs gripping and swift delivery of a P45.
  3. sorry mate, no link , I just read it in todays newspapers. Havent seen yet as cant view on work pc. By all accounts Skipper ( funnily enough ) wasnt happy about the work ethic on his vessel and let rip with a full mag of "f" words. Didnt do much good by the looks of things. But as I say- its not just a Navy problem.
  4. video can be found here. It says he's the Exec but I have difficulty believing that that is the number one; one of the CPOs perhaps, but an officer? Is that not a MAA job? Or whatever the nearest equivalent on sub is? Somebody get Guns or theMatelot over here.

  5. yep- think you are probably right. I havent seen vids yet and photo ( taken from phone) that appears in papers was very grainy but more than likely a CPO or at best the XO.
  6. i think the cat of nine tails a bit of flogging with a possible keel haul will sort these sea fairing chaps out
  7. Ah, it's been a while since I've heard a proper bollocking.

    Sounds as though it was deserved though.

    However, whoever posted it on youtube needs a right talking to.
  8. Phone on a sub??
  9. Phone on a sub- my point exactly . Bearing in mind a lot of naval bases require security passes for people with camera phones !
    Has the clip actually apeared on youtube or is it just in the current bun ? I am only going on what I read ( in said newspaper) so it may not be 100% true
  10. Wow - top bollocking. Definately chucked a few F's about. Sounds like its well deserved too. Been on the receiving end of a few of those in my time.

    However, like others, I'm horrified at the break down of integrity here. And what ever happened to "What goes on on tour, stays on tour", not to mention OPSEC??
  11. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Cracking. Got to be the Senior on board. You think he got his message across? :D Tame to some of the RSM debriefs I have had the pleasure of listening in to over the years but pretty acceptable for the Senior Service.

    Whoever the sentry is, he is so much in the sh1t. Serves the arrse right.

    As to the cameraman, p45, preferable after some time. OOO
  12. looks like the man will be back without coffee and biscuits for another chat? possibly with a big stick
  13. Totally agree that the cameraman should be hung, drawn and quartered.

    Can't believe that the Press (or indeed anyone else) would think that was the boat's Captain (particularly as he calls himself the XO towards the end of the clip). Nonetheless, a good (if somewhat colourful) bollocking.
  14. I thought that was a mild reproach without coffee.

    But that is unimportant, what is is that some numpty has smuggled a phone on board, to take photos. This is not a spur of the moment thing the camera was positioned and prepared for this talk. It has then been sold to the scum to try and embarrassed the navy. Taking photos on a sub is probably in the class of spying and the individual concerned should be looking over his shoulder the int are not all bumbling idiots.
  15. I felt bad about it and I wasn't even there! He seems to describe himself as "the big bad XO" at the end, by the way.