HMS Sherwood

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by CamNostos, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. I'm interested if anyone on this sub-board can provide some detail on said unit, and more broadly officer roles in the RNR generally. I'm a former Army reg with operational experience looking into reserve units.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Really Not Required
  3. Ha, thanks for that. Yeah it would be a Warfare role preferably. I suppose the question was more along the lines of are all roles available from that location etc. I imagine I will have to give them a ring. Any experience people would care to share about the RNR would be appreciated, I pretty much know what is on the table with the TA but have no idea when it comes to the Navy.
  4. Depends what you want out of it, I have served with 2 RNR's on ship (one was FTRS the other a part-timer) although they were both ratings not officers, but they intergrated well with the ship (plus as we now no longer have any distinguishing traits on our uniforms, unless you specifically tell someone, no one will know if you are RNR or not.) and we're well liked and fully clued up on their jobs.
  5. Sounds bang on, I'm 24 and due to graduate in a years time - I'll still be eligible to go as a Warfare Officer I presume? Do you have any links providing information on the commissioning process for reserves? Are there many FTRS postings out there? Thanks for your help.
  6. Subsunk

    Subsunk War Hero Book Reviewer

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    I thought he was Shergar. Was he the one that the IRA horsenapped in a glorious victory for the Republican cause? He must have been a Loyalist horse with paramilitary links.

    Geting back on thread, check in with ACLO. RNR branches have little in common with regular branches as they tend to fill in niche skills. Also, sea time is not as common as you woukld think.

    However, they have a pretty steely diving branch that is well worth looking into.

    RIP Shergar you legernd. Unless I'm thinking of a different horse.
  7. 'fraid not sorry, I'm only a junior so never had the need for any information on getting a commision, but I am assuming that having to do your Admiralty Interview Board and going to BRNC Dartmouth will be the same as a regular.
  8. I'll remember that when i mobilize next month! ;)
  9. There is a Warfare Officer role. The commissioning system is the same as the regulars, sit the same AIB and pass the same exams/Fleetboard etc. The best thing is to go into the careers office.

    HMS Sherwood is a perfectly good RNR unit and the lads i know from it are a good bunch. (The best unit is Scotia however!)

    The RNR works in a National role with every branch represented in each unit. Otherwise it operates much the same as the TA.

    The RNR is good, its taken seriously by the regulars for the most part and the RF2020 review said the RNR was the model that should be emulated.
  10. Read Master and Commander by Patrick O.Brian and remember to always go straight at em!
  11. That's a really helpful response, thanks for taking the time. I will be going through official channels such as the AFCO when I have got more of a feel for the role an feel I can make an informed decision.

    Do you know if the age restrictions apply to RNR for Warfare Officer as I am nearly twenty five? Secondly, how long would it take for me to complete all training broadly speaking, and are any concessions made for former Regs such as skipping military skills etc?