HMS Richmond missile refit begins

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Oct 17, 2011.

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  2. "…The refit includes installing the £4m Sea Wolf missile system which is designed to combat the increasing threat of faster, lower-flying and more manoeuvrable missiles.…"

    That would be the Sea Wolf Missile System the ships were built with 20 years ago?

    "…and can track a target the size of a cricket ball moving at twice the speed of sound from over 20 miles (32km) away and launch two missiles to destroy it.…"

    What is MOD's obsession with shooting down cricket balls? Same with ASTER and T45, except it can shoot down cricket balls travelling at three times the speed of sound according to the MOD blurb.
    Ever thought of specifying a KUR of being able to shoot down planes?
  3. No doubt it'll be nearer £50m on completion.
  4. Updated Seawolf rather than in its original form apparently-
    Seawolf - BAE Systems

    As for supersonic cricket balls it would appear that its a way of saying that RN ships can track and engage any aircraft, stealthy or otherwise.
  5. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    In its origins the Seawolf missile itself is a lot more than 20 years old, I was introduced to it in 1968 when test firings were starting at Aberporth. The software and so forth was still in people's heads then though.

    Full story at Seawolf (GWS 25/26) (United Kingdom) - Jane's Naval Weapon Systems Some interesting insights into how long it takes to develop a naval weapons system.
  6. So it was you that lost that car on a raft into the Irish Sea.
  7. Great. So being The MOD I'm guessing this will be a £37million upgrade (Of a 20 year old bit of kit) which should be ready to fight by 2019. More than likely the kit will be considered obsolete by then so it'll be kept until 2030.

    Cheers MOD
  8. Well aware, not what the PR wonk wrote though, is it?

    So how's about the PR idiots actually saying that? You don't see the French posting shit about their war canoe's missiles being able to shoot down a passing Pétanque boule doing Mach 2.
    I know, bad form to suggest the RN is in the business of war fighting, looks bad from a touchy-feely PR mongs POV.
    Best they stick to posting dits about buying in Halal rat packs to give to Somalian pirates, always a good safe PR one that - ticks a dozen boxes.
  9. Sigh, yes…

    While we are spending all this money on tarting up a rather old missile that will still have far less range and will still be significantly slower than other people point defence SAMS, we are also spending lots of money developing a new missile to replace Sea Wolf in the near term - ISD 2016.
  10. It isn't but I suspect the press release is targetted at people that have no idea what Sea Wolf does or doesn't do or how long its been doing it.
    To be honest the Sea Wolf upgrade seems to be reasonable value for money by MOD standards. It remains a useful tool while the ships equipped with it are still in service (assuming HMG allows the RN to keep a couple of ships and doesn't scrap them)
    As life extension programs go it seems to be worthwhile.

    Beats me. The idea of killing off the enemies of The Queen seems to be politically distasteful these days.
  11. And even when it is introduced in 2016 there will be quite a few T23's floating around with sea wolf untill they can be updated with CAAM.
  12. The real annoyance with the PR BS is that they write it as if its aimed at a 5 year old from another planet but then publish it to an audience of folk with at least some understanding of Defence. None of the shite actually gets picked up and used by the wider media, its just regurgitated in the myriad of our own internal publications and pastered over the front page of the intranet. I've long suggested that an early cost-saver could be a major cull of internal magazines and newsletters...
  13. They have about 150 and cost millions.
  14. If we ever have to go toe to toe with the Jamaica first XI we'll have a world beating capability.
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  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    On the plus side (if your in the Navy) they aren't following tradition and upgrading it to a pile of razor blades or chinese tin cans.