HMS Repulse war dead on...a fridge magnet

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cohaagen, Aug 17, 2007.

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  1. As a long-time lurker I'm sorry that I'm not posting something funnier as my first topic. I also apologise if this seems a big depressing or off topic to say the least, particularly since it is a navy-related subject, but after reading hopefully you'll realise why my shite has been severely gripped.

    Short story is an American diver, Andrew Georgitsis, has led an expedition to the wrecks/war graves of HMS Repulse and Prince of Wales off Malaysia. Far from showing due respect to what is, after all, the tomb of several hundred sailors, his team penetrated into the area of the engine room and took pictures of human remains contained within:

    Incredibly, it appears this fcuking trumpet is offering the above print (among other images of the wreck) on fridge magnets, mouse pads, cards, etc. as can be seen from this link:

    Given the public reaction, not to mention legal proceedings, that would result from a similar dive on, say, Royal Oak, or even better the Arizona, the insensitivity and pure cheek of this guy is quite dazzling. If you want, you can, um, politely email him your...feelings, as I just have.

    And in case anyone is suspicious, I'm not a journalist, have no agenda, just the brother and cousin of two toms who uses ARRSE to keep up to date. Cheers.

    EDIT: I realise this would be better on RR and will post there too, but I thought it would be appropriate here as well.
  2. Err, Hang on a Fcuking moment, HMS Repulse is a Protected war grave I think and if his dive was not authorised by the MoD he has commited a criminal offence. Even if his dive was authorised, the relevant office should be informed about these pictures to make sure that his cretin NEVER ever gets another dive permit. This is revolting and this individual needs sorting. BIG TIME!
  3. I'm glad my grandfather isn't alive to see this, he suffered enough during his life with the memories of his shipmates off the Repulse and the night of Dec 9th and 10th 1941. He suffered long from the treatment as a POW and his injuries and survivors guilt. I can't imagine that this would have been pleasant for him to have witnessed.

    I went with him in 1991, to Malaysia to lay a wreath on the water over the place where the ship went down. 50 years and a lifetime later and he still had a hard time accepting that he had survived.

    What is wrong with people that they can not leave the dead in peace?
  4. Just to add to my previous post, HMS Repulse IS covered by the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986. She was designated as a Protected Place in 2001.
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  6. Sorry, messed up the link to the main gallery. It should work now. Pic is on page 2 next to a shot of PoWs 5.25in guns.
  7. Post this in the multinational forum as well - our American friends may be able to help
  8. Does anyone know when the dive took place???
  9. The Act makes it an offence to interfere with a protected place. Divers may visit the site but the rule is look, don't touch and don't penetrate. It is an offence to disturb the site and an offence to remove anything from the site. The law concerning protected places applies anywhere in the world, but in practice, outside the UK, the sanctions can only be enforced against UK citizens, UK flagged ships, or vessels landing in the UK, unless backed by local legislation
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    April 2006 their site quotes.
  11. I'll try and get a hold of John Mellor who was on the ship with my grandfather, he's a writer and is somewhere in Eire now. I'll call his publisher in the morning to see if we can alert him to this.
  12. Is it me, or do some of those photos look like they were taken from inside the wreck?????
  13. I just sent this Mut a suitably acidic e-mail