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HMS Queen Elizabeth's captain sacked - for using his official car at weekends

My mother, sadly passed away now, occasionally liked to tell a tale of an Officer’s Lady who was lording it over other military wives on a flight to Singapore.

To set the scene, in the mid 60’s dad was stationed in Singapore and was a WO II (SQMS). Mum had been casevac’d back to the UK and had been gone several months. She encountered this Officer’s Lady on the return flight.

On arrival, the various wives discovered they would be transported wherever they were going in a scruffy, white RAF bus - a fact that was not appreciated by said Officer’s Lady. My mother however...

Was met with a crisp salute from the CO’s driver and escorted to his official car for her ride home. The Officer’s Lady’s face was, said Mum, a picture.

I never met the CO of Dad’s unit but I believe any of his men’s wives would have been treated the same under similar circumstances.
I once listened to an old BBC crackly sound recording of Sassoon and Robert Graves in conversation, both were classical scholars in Greek etc. The recording was 1922/3 era. Talk about posh, it is a wonder the Tommy's could understand them. You could actually hear the G in the word strength and the H in the word white.
I listened this evening to Boris Johnson addressing the Nation about his ten-year vision for the UK to become a global leader in wind power.

You could actually hear the sound of him talking complete b#llocks in a plummy voice.

I think I may have uncovered the inner Churchill in Boris.​
It seems to be the one that had every Other Rank in Bill Slim's XIVth Army voting WSC out in 1945.​
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Our CO used to lend his Staff Car and his driver for soldiers local weddings for the Bride and Groom, to and from the church and to the reception. That was early 1960s in Minden German.
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When one of out troop married the CO's driver, A WRAC, he let The bride and groom have the car, with a driver in full No1 dress for the duration. Top bloke. Early 1970's

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