HMS Queen Elizabeth. 3 years, no jets then scrapped.

I do hope all the PWOs and Ops officers are reading this thread - they could learn a thing or two. Would save millions too cos... we could then cancel BOST!
I do hope all the PWOs and Ops officers are reading this thread - they could learn a thing or two. Would save millions too cos... we could then cancel BOST!
I thought @PhotEx was BOST!


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Seeing as he is no longer working at NCHQ I have no idea where he is going to loiter and overhear grown ups talking about adult things that he can pass off a his vast knowledge.


In fairness to him, if he was pointing out that it is not a good idea relying on ship based defences alone to deal with a fusillade of missiles that could/should have been dealt with before they were fired by launch aircraft (MiGs, Sukhois, whatever) he is actually saying something sensible. For a change....

Before bumping this thread, I had managed to avoid posting on the Carrier Strike thread on the RN forum for over 100 posts. Should the last few pages be there? @Guns can decide if a merge is warranted.

However, odd suggestions of MV-22, and the confusion between serviceability, availability, and reliability suggest not. Signal to Noise ratio and all that. The odd comment some fool made about trying to splash air launched missiles and ignoring the launch platform seemed somewhat dangerous as well as daft.
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Rather than buy EH101/Merlin in quantity, the Italians bought arms loads of a Sea King sized helicopter, the NH90, the same size helicopter the RN actually wanted.
And check out its endurance, yes…… 5 hours.

The RN never bought another Merlin after the first batch it was forced to buy, even when the Merlins development costs were written off and it was actually quite cheap.
After 20 years in service, it still remains stubbornly unreliable - but It was a fatally compromised design right off the drawing board with no growth left in its overly complex transmission. Yes, you read that right, it entered service with the transmission at the end of its tether, every pound of weight its gained over the years just added more stress to an already at its design limits transmission - so you cant just chuck in more SHP as they gain weight, and helicopters never get lighter with age.
I have stumbled upon the link I thought of at the time, but forgot the title.

Carrier operations on the ITS Cavour

Does the article have a date?: Anyway if you look down you can see ASW Merlins:

3º Gruppo Elicotteri is based at Catania-Fontanarossa airport on the island of Sicily. Currently operating the Agusta-Westland EH.101 helicopter, the unit has been at Catania since 1971. It was first formed in conjunction with the delivery of the SH-3D Sea Kings to the Aviazione Navale (Naval Aviation), the unit taking delivery of its Agusta-Westland EH.101 from June 2008 onwards, with the Sea Kings being transferred to 4º Grupelicot over the next two years. 3º Grupelicot provides anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and anti-surface warfare (ASuW) support to the Marina Militare, whilst also conducting training for future EH.101 crews destined for other units operating the type. In conjunction with the Centro Sperimentazione Aeromarittimo (CSA) at Luni-La Spezia, which conducts the majority of weapons systems and mission equipment testing for the MMI frontline units, 3º Grupelicot also assists the CSA as a secondary back-up unit for ongoing development of the EH.101 platform.


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