HMS Queen Elizabeth. 3 years, no jets then scrapped.

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Flight, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

  2. Quite. I detest Labour and they are to blame for the problem, but this is no solution. CMD is utterly lacking in moral courage. He has the power to put this right but does nothing. As for that little oik Osborne...

    Where does a chap like I, Tory to the bone, turn when even our chaps behave like this? I hope Fox will step into the breach and challenge for the leadership.
  3. The disgusting thing is that the forces vote should actually lie squarely with... UKIP.

    One of the only parties with a serious plan to re-invest in defence.

    What in hell's name has this country come to?
  4. Did you read the article? Simply because it is cheaper than cancelling the contract. Or changing the design to "luxury liner".

    May even get some use out of her as a helicopter carrier, you never know.
  5. Or we could fill her up with UK politicians and scuttle her!

    Now THAT would be a reasonable use of taxpayers money on defence as it would fall under the category of removing the greatest threat to our nations well being and security.
  6. Yeah I read that I just wondered what the point of sailing her for three years was why not just sell her instantly.
    As for helicopter carrier we have the Ocean (for now at least) and she is more than good enough, don't need an oversized hulk to do that job.
  7. I guess we'll all know the truth this afternoon won't we?
  8. We have her until PoW arrives with CATOBAR ... Ocean is having problems already. I reckon she'll be well tired by 2019.
  9. Still her name should be changed as I don't think HM will be flattered at having her namesake for what will be the most expensive and most useless ship ever to sail in the Royal Navy.
  10. OCEAN has been used well, and I make no apologies for repeating myself, but she was only built to civilian standards, and to run for about 10 years. She's now 12 years old and in my experience of her she really is struggling already. Plus she has a number of other problems inherent in her design.
  11. At the moment there appears to be no mention of equiping the carriers with catapult launch and arrestor gear. we could purchase the latest FA18 aircraft in bog standard US Navy spec we would also be able to recover and launch other NATO carrier capable aircraft.
  12. PoW will get EMCAT. Unfortunately, it is too late for QE and it appears that it won't be converted subsequently (and possibly even mothballed or sold). Thus, we'll have to wait until delivery of PoW in 2018 and F-35C IOC (which is the last variant due for IOC) until we can regain a semi-permanent (because it'll be lost when PoW is in refit) fixed wing capability. Harriers will be going because:

    a. They were a relatively expensive fleet to operate.
    b. Presumeably we need to find the additional cash to fund the EMCAT and F-35C.

    I've said it so many times on this site and elsewhere that, for all its faults, STOVL F-35B offers the flexibility to retain a permanent and larger carrier strike capability. Had we gone down that route, QE could have entered service coincident with F-35B IOC, there would have been no 10 year gap in capability and both CVF could have operated the type (thus avoiding the issue about what happens when PoW is in refit).

    A very, very sad day.

  13. Until the 'powers that be' base their deliberations and implementation on defence of the realm and not as I suspect is the present case, pandering to the defence industries and putting politics first. Shame on them.
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  14. Could we lease some F-18's of the Cousins to tide us over? Or even the Rafale-N from the French? One glimmer of hope: If you watch Fox's interview with the Beeb, he mentions Helicopters and UAV's will operate off both carriers until the 35's rock up.