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HMS Plymouth to be SCRAPPED! (Falklands Warship)


HMS Plymouth, the warship on which the Argentinean surrender at South Georgia was signed in 1982, has been on “death row” for six years in Vittoria Dock, after Birkenhead’s Historic Warships Trust closed. The ship is due to be sent to Turkey to be cut up for scrap metal. I know business is business but due to the historic nature of this ship and the recent Falklands Remembrance, the timing couldn't be worse!

Here are a few news articles, and a link to an government e-petition...

HM Government E-Petition:
Save Falklands Veteran HMS Plymouth - e-petitions

Plymouth Herald: (veteran campaigner disappointed at lack of response to petition - let's see if ARRSE can't change that hey?)
Fred sad at petition response | This is Plymouth

Daily Mail:
HMS Plymouth: Falklands frigate lies rusting as it awaits final voyage to scrapyard on 30th anniversary of war | Mail Online includes some great pictures

Liverpool Daily Post:
Campaigners in last ditch bid to save HMS Plymouth from scrapyard - Liverpool News - News - Liverpool Daily Post

Wirral Globe:
Wirral remembrance service for historic warship (From Wirral Globe)
Service of thanksgiving and farewell held for HMS Plymouth (From Wirral Globe)
Bad timing but a quick check of the reality-o-meter means that just because the FI surrender was signed aboard doesn't make this a de facto tourist magnet. Which it would need to be to justify the huge costs of turning it into a tourist attraction and then keeping it as one.

How about making it one of those artificial reefs?
Doesn`t surprise me that she will eventually be cut up. The city of Plymouth has a wealth of naval history but no historic vessels and a council with no imagination.
There was an proposal to beach her in Hayle harbour to be used as an adventure centre/ cadet centre/ visitor attraction, but that fell flat due to someone reckoning that the draft was too deep for the mud. They`ve never heard of dredging in Cornwall apparently.
Then again look on the bright side, down here Hayle has the reputation as the drugs capital of Cornwall, what an inspiration for the many decent people living there.
Unfortunately the only people with money in this country are too busy reaming out the population for their next million.


Book Reviewer
It's just a big pile of scrap metal. The remains of a ship that took part in a very small war in a long line of small wars that we've fought. It's not as if she did anything particularly noteworthy there that other ships can't claim. If we preserved every ship that was used in a surrender ceremony of our enemies we'd fill up Plymouth harbour. They've tried to preserve her and the British public have voted with their wallets - she's not sufficiently of interest to save.


Book Reviewer
why aren't we using such chances to train up apprentices and vocational courses?

after all they do up vauxhall novas and get bits of paper for it so why not a ship - plumbers, sparkies, joiners, metalworkers etc.. the brickies can build the visitors centre - a better use of public money than HS2 :)

I'd even warrant it would be something the bored shore based navy beached due to budget constraints could do or oversea without too much objection. its not as if there isn't a billion gallons of old formula grey paint in the stores. and we have plenty of admirals to act as tour guides and exhibits
The ship is over 50 year old and will be filled with asbestos and all sorts of other crap that would not be allowed these days. Even if it was saved from the scrap yard running it as some kind of training facility may be beset with all sorts of further problems and expenses


Book Reviewer
so an ideal example for training in industrial decontamination win win I reckon, if we built them we should also take them apart instead of carting it off to bangladesh.
I just cannot believe they could even consider scrapping HMS Caroline. Had a tour of her four years ago. She's in better nick than Ocean or Illustrious!

Last ship surviving from Jutland and probably the last thing made by scousers that worked.
We never kept a single Battleship and we had plenty of them with real history to choose from in 1945.
HMS Belfast only survived because she the biggest thing we had left over from WWII to preserve when someone decided we should preserve something.

Museum ships have a very poor record as tourist attractions in the UK.


Book Reviewer
We never kept a single Battleship and we had plenty of them with real history to choose from in 1945.
HMS Belfast only survived because she the biggest thing we had left over from WWII to preserve when someone decided we should preserve something.

Museum ships have a very poor record as tourist attractions in the UK.
the americans have a better attitude to museum ships, you carry on sailing them and use them to blow the crap out of stuff :)
A very sad end for any warship. She was docked over the water from our office for a number of years along with a German U-Boat but I didn't take the time to visit. According to a collegue of mine the site she was kept in wan't very accessible so vistitor numbers were not high enough for the developers of the site to keep her.
Why are we so bloody well obsessed with chunks of metal that float, every sodding day there is some campaign or another to save some rusting hulk, **** me, the museum ships will outnumber the real ones soon.

Should we not be concerned more with those that are currently serving and the future than harping on about relics of the past.

The armed forces are being dragged down by this obsession with the past


Book Reviewer
It's a 50 year old ship that is not capable (AIUI) of fighting in a modern role. So what if a surrender document was signed on it? It's still a 50 year old ship. Can I just remind a few folk about something: We as a nation and the MoD are BROKE!! We can't afford to have something that is unproductive (well, apart from a few spare Generals and Admirals).

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