HMS Plymouth heading for scrap

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by jagman, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. What a shame.

    Couldn't they tie her up next to HMS Belfast? Or even HMY Britannia. Or indeed in one of the many empty berths in the RN Dockyards?
  2. Sadly it all costs money.
  3. Indeed, there was a hope that she would be berthed in Hayle harbour at one point a few years ago, but it didn`t come to anything unfortunately.
    John Bennett - HMS Plymouth
  4. What happened to HMS Onyx?

  5. Sold to the Mexicans to make cheap chess sets for gullible sceptic tourists !!
  6. They've been trying to flog Plymouth to anyone who would keep her for years, ever since the historic warships people stopped being able to afford the upkeep on the ones they had at Birkenhead and sold the site off for luxury flats.

    Plymouth's dumped round the corner from where she used to be waiting to be towed away (unless she's gone in the last week), Onyx went to Barrow, the German uboat is at the Woodside Mersey Ferry terminal down the road cut into sections and there was a landing craft too but I've no idea where that went.
  7. Quite sad really...
  8. If you're coming from Birkenhead town centre towards the Belfast ferry terminal you can see Plymouth on your left as you cross the red bridge (if she's not been moved since a couple of weeks back) sat in a back dock waiting to be taken. The old girl's in shit state, frankly, and would probably cost a fortune just to get to museum standard now.

  9. She don't look happy...

    What a sad, sad shame though. Wonder why the RFCA/SCC didn't help out a little? Perhaps used her as accomdoation and a 'base' for their SCC type stuff... Depending where she was moored obviously.

    You have thought that a ship where the surrender was signed would have merited some looking after.
  10. Alongside Belfast was tried a few years ago, but the Maritime Museum couldn't afford to take on another ship.

    I e-mailed Leith harbour a few weeks ago, but haven't had a reply yet. Thanks for reminded me, will have to follow that up.

    Martin Slater,
    Secretary HMS Plymouth Association.
  11. Apparently, the Onyx is still sitting up there and there are rumours that she will be going for scrap as well.

    Martin Slater,
    Secretary HMS Plymouth Association.
  12. The landing craft 'Landfall' was deliberately sunk by Peel in West Float, as there had been kids getting on board and because of her condition there were concerns that a very serious accident would occur, maybe even causing a fatality.

    Martin Slater,
    Secretary HMS Plymouth Association.
  13. I was on board on Friday 13th and yes she does look in a shit condition externally, but most of it is mainly cosmetic. There are places on the upper deck which are, after six years of neglect, going rusty. Below decks is in extremely good condition and wouldn't take much to put right.

    Obviously, the main sticking point with saving her has always been a berth and the MoD in Plymouth don't seem to want her in South Yard. God knows why!!

    The Association haven't given up hope yet. As long as she is still there, there is still a chance. Very slim maybe, but still a chance.

    Martin Slater,
    Secretary HMS Plymouth Association.