HMS Ocean wishes you a merry xmas with new rendition of mariah carey's all i want

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by aradia, Dec 7, 2011.

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  1. i have to adore this video made by HMS Ocean to wish us a merry xmas, they made the video as they were overjoyed at the thought of coming home for christmas after 225 days supporting NATO's air mission in Libya, hope you enjoy

    All I Want For Christmas - HMS OCEAN - YouTube
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  2. Good effort, anyone else like to see the Army better that? :thumright:
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  3. I saw that yesterday. It's camper than a row of pink tents.

    It's quite funny watching the Fijian pretend that he knows the words
  4. Overjoyed after 225 days away, they stopped supporting Op Ellamy around 3 months ago though, they moved further south for other Ops. Good to see them finally on route home, should be alongside sometime in the next 24 hours :)
  5. I bet the fishermen on Lake Chad were surprised...
  6. Terrible fcuking miming!