HMS Ocean going thorugh the Thames flood barrier

The army should have tried to get a clerk through it :)
That'll show 'em.
Its embarrassing that the best the Royal Navy can field fits through it at all.....
I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that. It may look impressive to Joe Civvy, but seriously, if it's got such a shallow draught it can get that far up the Thames .....
Wasn't the best approach, but in saying that it made it through, would have been a costly bump all the same.
Has it berthed somewhere with easy access to an iPod store?
For a minute there I thought one of the RMAS Coys would be getting a new adjutant.
Embarrassing but surely for the Thames Pilot who was no doubt in charge of HMS Ocean and the tugs at the time.
The Captain is always in charge.
About 20 years ago I think I saw Ark royal go through without tug assistance.
And here's all you need to know about Olympic security ......



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I'm going to London on Thursday I'll have a look. Those sailors will need attention too, wonder where they drink, probably the Quebec bar I imagine.
Go and probe their knowledge, J.


I hear they are building an artificial beach at Greenwich for the olympics. One can only assume the deployment of this small bulk-grain carrier with three helicopters on top is a contingency should some bloody muslamic type dig in there.
they've just got to get it back out now. That is ofcourse, if it's going to sea again.

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