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HMS Monmouth deploys to the Gulf

FTSP= Fleet Time Support Period- i.e. dockyard maintainence
BOST=Basic Opperational Sea Training- getting the ships company used to fighting fires and floods, man-overboard drills, pretending the ship is at war, submarine hunting
DCT= Direct Continuation Training- pretty much the same as BOST but with a training package tailored for the areas she's deploying to- so as Monmouth is comming out here she'll be pretending to fight Iranians and hunt for kilo class submarines, do a couple of disaster relief exercises, refugee pickups and anything else the instructors at FOST (Flag Officer Sea Training) can think of chucking in there.
Depends on what they are deploying to do- Falklands / Middle East is more likely to be reported on than say HMS Protector going back to the South Pole after returning from there a fortnight before.

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