HMS Manchester

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by desmond, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. Just seen a tv programme about Her majesty`s ship Manchester trying to sink an abandoned boat. She fired all her armaments to no avail. then the marines had a go to no avail. then a matelot had a go onboard with a sledge hammer to break a hole in its side to no avail, this is after the company chopper had a go to no avail. Thank fuck we have an army and also a depleted air force. come on Iron duke have a go at me. I have missed the banter
  2. To be fair it was a very big boat they were trying to sink.
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  3. peddlo sized or trawler typethingy?
  4. For those who haven't seen it.
  5. Maybe 12 foot.
  6. Link please.....She was decommissioned on 24 February 2011......
  7. Watching that again, it's genuinely astonishing. I can understand that with it being light and made of wood, it'd float even if you stuck holes in it... But surely hitting it with a 113mm round or seven would have it in splinters? Unless the rounds were just passing through, I suppose.
  8. What the actual Feck
  9. You also missed the thread first time round. The TV programme is a repeat. The small boat they were trying to destroy was made out of plastic and other floaty stuff. Even if smashed to pieces, the pieces would still float. The only way to sink something like that would be to hit it with a missile costing the best part of quarter of a million quid, thus causing it to melt and sink. Having a matelot chop it up with an axe is much cheaper.

    IIRC next week's show features a close up of a female officer while she's wearing her tropical uniform shorts. One of the most gratuitous arrse shots ever seen on a show pretending to be a documentary. Don't forget to tune in.
  10. How the fuck can you sink fiberglass? surely its always gonna float its plstic FFS
  11. Should have built the Titanic out of fibre glass......
  12. It would be pretty hard to sink. Looks like a GRP expanded foam sandwich. Unless you blow it to bits to sink it. Bare in mind royal navy has to sink stuff on a budget. US carrier battlegroups please take note. You could kill all on board but the bugger could keep on coming.
    Mind you I'd like to see what a vulcan phalanx could do to one.
  13. I watched it and it was pretty dire TBH. I was left wondering why they didn't use a demolition charge?
  14. Techno wizards, please take note. I think screen capture photos would be welcome...
  15. Well ahead of you. Although to be fair I haven't seen any close ups, as such. Plenty of arrse shots from a distance, mind.