HMS Liverpool's long and eventful career draws to a close

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by MoD_RSS, Mar 27, 2012.

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  2. Don't be sad. It is not the end. It will take on a new life in a different form.
  3. Yep, cheap Chinese manufactured goods.
  4. Or Tesco value razors :)
  5. Was it found burned out on the outskirts of the Wirral?
  6. That is most unfunny when one considers those ships which were sunk and burned out 30 years ago.
  7. @1001tosspot jump feet first into a woodchipper, I think you've got a special search widget trawling Arrse for digs at Scousers.
    So much for the famous Scouse sense of humour.
  8. I was there at the Pier Head Liverpool when HMS Liverpool left for the Falkland Islands in spring of 1982.
  9. Well done you, So was I, Sat on my Uncles shoulders who helped build it.... so what?

    Took my daughters to see her on her last visit to Liverpool as well.
  10. I wasn't, I preferred fingering my birds front bum in Sefton Park, Stop being Mr offended you boring dogs nipple.
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  11. Where she didn't actually see active service because she got there too late and the war was over.

    Please, for the love of God, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the baby Jesus and all of the little pixies, will you please stop whining everytime someone makes a joke about Merseyside? It makes the rest of us look bad.
  12. The Wirral? That would be bad drills, who picks up the tunnel fare back? ^~
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  13. Exactly (in an Ian Rush milk advert accent if you so wish). For the scalls on that side of the Mersey I imagine Formby or Southport would be the car thieving and dumping location of choice?
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  14. Nah, There's a couple of scrap yards near lodge lane who would allegedly take them off your hands:)

    Ian Rush, Accrington Stanley Milk Advert, CLEAN AND IN FULL! - YouTube
  15. The Andrew's just getting smaller and smaller.