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HMS Liverpool shadows Russian carrier

I am fairly certain that the Russian ship doesn't comply with European CO emission regulations. Did HMS Liverpool do anything about that?


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The Russian Defence Ministry today complained that, following the encounter with Liverpool, half the Admiral Kuznetzov's planes were missing. A spokesman for HMS Liverpool said; 'We neva. It's dead insultin' to the people of Merseyside dat is. We'd 'ave stolen 'em all.'


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yep they offered to surrender to it.
The Russians will have treated Liverpool with enormous respect and deference. After clocking her captain through the binos they will have realised that he must be a man of immense talent and capabilities, afraid of nothing and nobody and with exceptional leadership and decision-making qualities. Were he not such such a paragon of virtue and such an ornament to the Service he could never have overcome his almost crippling handicap to get a command. Cdr Williams is a Gwar.
Is this gen? Why is the Liverpool flying the H flag ( 'I have a Pilot on board' - that's harbour, not helicopter!). Photoshopped?
Warships hoist Flag Hotel when conducting flying operations. To indicate "I have a pilot on board" in accordance with the International Code of Signals, a warship would hoist the 'Code' pennant superior to Flag Hotel (i.e. above it).

Here endeth the lesson.


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