HMS Liverpool hits shore targets in Libya

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Dunservin, May 12, 2011.

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  1. It seems that the RAF's PR machine knows no bounds:
  2. Forgive me my pedantry, but aren't ships usually the preserve of the Navy rather then the RAF?
  3. Your just talking silly now
  4. He means, if you read down about halfway, that the 4.5inch gun engaging the shore batteries are termed 'air attacks' by the article.

    Whatever, BZ on watch PWO and Gunners.
  5. "... Three Televisions were stolen and a The Colonels car was found burned out on the 8th hole of a local golf course"
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  6. Bet they won't be making that mistake again...
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  7. Raised glasses here to all involved; PWO, gunners, spotters ... and the command approval. BZ
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  8. Yes indeed; Mainbrace Spliced, BZ to the LIVERPOOL.
    Brassing up the enemy by the Ship's main armament (4.5"), seems a very British way of doing things.

    I guess we'll find out later, but did the PWO fancy his chances and use Sea Dart in its Surface to Surface role?
  9. Cherist, when I saw the thread title my first thought was that she'd run aground.
  10. I like the quote from the Liverpool's Captain in the local Portsmouth news "It was a good old fashioned dust off." HMS Liverpool
  11. Hurrah for the boys in, erm.....grey !
  12. Apparently the floating scousepot reported an epidemic of homesickness for Fazarkerley, Toxteth and Crosby after the crew surveyed the bomb damaged ruins and listened to the crackle of gunfire in the distance. One sailor (called wazza by his mates) expressed an interest in purchasing a particularly shell damaged building as a home. He said "It's in better nick than me Ma's 'ouse and there's less violence, crime and unemployment than in Speke." He also observed that the local Muslim fundamentalists were a lot more likeable than his neighbours.
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  13. Your a SOI walt arn't you...
  14. See, targets dealt with, no Harriers required.
  15. ...or Tornados or Typhoons. So what?