HMS Invincible

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dunc0936, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. looking at the Royal Navies website it was interesting to see how old some of the RFA's ships are yet still doing a good job, and that got me wondering what HMS Invincible was up to, according to the site "she was de commisoned in 2005. This is part of a long-standing plan that will see the oldest CVS held at a low level of readiness. This process is often mistaken for being withdrawn from service but we are still very much "part of the fleet". In fact Invincible will remain available to the Navy until 2010.

    So this got me thinking is it now time to start finding a new role for her, just letting her sit in harbour or on a swing mooring seems such a waste to me and I'm sure she could be doing something much better well beyond 2010 without seeling her off......

    Humanitiarn work, might not be a bad idea with a volunteer crew on a revolving basis so people were not at see for so long.

    so going to open it it to ideas and for people to discuss


  2. i say we arm ourselves with penknives and a cheeky smile, board her, take to the sea and live a life of crime, drinking, robbing and pillaging for the rest of our days.

    what humanitarian work needs an ex-navy ship? glouchester wasnt THAT badly flooded you know.
  3. ARRSE party boat? ARRSE to rule the sea? i hear they have some harriers spare to :D
  4. plenty of places around the world where she could be used to carry medical aid/ food/ tents etc, helicopters etc....... though in saying that would rather see her used as a naval vessel for at least the next fe decades, the last thing i would want to see is for her to be sold off or worse scrapped.........

  5. They'll just carry on letting other countries park their Harriers on it and take pictures for the Navy News...
  6. well we have 3 yrs to save her, Royal Naval Reserve, I would happily help crew her......

    Plenty of expertise around, plus surplus equipment around
  7. wel Taz, nothing wrong with other countries using her for the right purpose as long as she stays in our hands and gets used..... if us civvies can restore and save bombers why not a carrier with a great history
  8. She's only really useful as a command ship now.
  9. for a thick civvy, please explain command ship??? no aircraft or we talking like a HQ at sea???
  10. The latter. :D
  11. Dunc

    I admire your enthusiasm, but we are a bit short of carrier capable aircraft since the retirement of the Sea Harrier. See here from PPRuNe.

    We're also short of escorting frigates and destroyers, spares, personnel, etc, etc, etc...
  12. Be careful there Dunc, mustn't mention bombers with Taz_786 about, he's one of those that supports islamic terror bombers, hangs around with the DFLP.
  13. Carrying humanitarian supplies?

    We have these other ships called freighters which are much better than a aircraft carrier for that.
  14. Could be used as a prison ship…..but only if the living conditions aboard were inproved….

  15. Cadet Rugby School.
    HA Fuckin HA.