HMS Illustrious return to Pompey with broken Fridge !!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 58_Pattern, Jan 25, 2008.

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  1. Good to see it's not just the Army that are stretched. Lusty has had a £120 Million Pound refit but one of the chillers has broken down. After a big departure on Monday she has had to come back to Portsmouth to get fixed. FFS why could they not have gone to Currys or Dixons and got some spares and sent the Engineers and spare parts to France in a Herc & got one of the ships helicopters to go and lift them bring them on board and fix it !!

    This beggars belief that we turned round a carrier because of a broken fridge.

    Is there no lateral thinking nowadays. Am astounded that there was not a stoker or techie on board that could not have undertaken this type of repair. Hardly makes us a self sufficient does it ? Hope the new £10K Fridge has aftercare & an on site warranty.

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  2. Perhaps someone forgot their iPod. They're just saying fridge.

    Clearly it wasn't 'just a matter of turning it off and on again.'
  3. They still let hands put to sea with their Ipods???? It will all end in tears!
  4. from article on leaselend escort carriers ww2.
  5. next the RTR will withdraw from combat because one of their BV's is broken and they cant get a cuppa!
  6. By "fridge" do they mean a domestic type fridge, or a cold store for food, or air conditioning (which uses dangerous and toxic chemicals) which you might need in the Midle East, or perhaps the chilled water plant, essential for cooling the radar, computers?
  7. are the Navy becoming the new RAF???? after all aren't the Royal Marines just the Navy's version of the Raf Regt LMAO
  8. No not domestic size as if, but the big feck off walk in models with all the ship's meat / victuallings things in it.
    58 Pattern has a point in suggesting air lifting an M&E team to resolve rather than turning around or whatever the Royal Navy equivalent is. You don't think that the Skipper was making a point to Broon and Co?
  9. Hello

    Firstly the "120million pound refit" was finished in 2005.

    Secondly Isn't half the army complaining that the RAF don't have enough assets to move you guys around Afgahnistan? Why waste a herc on a fridge?

    Do we know what went wrong with said fridge? Could it be fixed at sea? Why jury rig a repair and then head for the indian ocean (bit hot there mind) where it could break down again and ruin large amounts of stores and put them in real trouble?

  10. Hmmm.... sounds like the sensible option to me, return to Portsmouth and have the thing fixed taking no more than 24hrs or wait until you are in the middle of the excercise in the Indian Ocean and then end up with piles of rancid food.

    Bit like heading back to the TA centre on a Friday night after you have just left cos some knobber has forgot his rations, rather than having to deal with it later when its more of a problem*

    *just on a 'slightly' bigger scale.

    I like the opening sentence: "One of the Royal Navy's finest aircraft carriers" like we have lots of them and they are all very different :-D
  11. The Boat... if you compare to any of the US or French carriers... its a boat could have docked at Gib and had the thing repaired there. Nope lets turn round and waste the tax payers cash!!! Typical! Don't suppose the Matlows were bothered though!
  12. Did they check the fuse? :wink:
  13. The most important bit is:

    Without knowing all of the details it seems to make sense to return to a port where all facilities are available and then carry on whilst making up time. End result being a blip in the exercise timeline!

    Had they carried on then repairs could have required manpower to be flown out to a more distant port - contractors would love that!

    Had they been in the vicinity of Gib or another port then obviously the course of action would probably have been different.

    If I may attempt an analogy - I leave my house to drive somewhere that would take 2 hours. As I leave my street I realise I've forgotten my coat! I have 2 options; the first is to turn around go home and get my coat that is hanging on the end of my stairs, time taken 5 minutes; or I divert and stop at a town, park, go and find a coat shop, buy a coat, return to car, continue on my journey, time taken 1 hour. Which is the best option?
  14. Chaps it's a disgrace when a big asset goes back to Blighty with a broken fridge. A minor snag that can't be fixed at sea is now a drama. In the good old days would this been seen as a snag and being a Showstopper ?
  15. I'm surprised you didn't ring up CINCFLEET to give him the benefit of your superior knowledge. By the time Lusty got to Gib, the tons of provisions in her house-sized fridge would have had to be ditched and replaced. Would that have made the taxpayers any happier? As it was, everything had to be disembarked into several chillicons on the jetty (at least they were available in Portsmouth) to keep it cold enough while repairs were carried out.

    Anyway, she's a warship not a cruise liner. She might easily have been diverted anywhere in the world on her way to Gib, as has happened many times in the past (half the Fleet in 1982). This slight delay to the start of her deployment has ensured that she is fully operational again.