HMS Gargle - Look at this gay pride march on the MOD website

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by 58_Pattern, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. I nearly choked on my lunch when I saw this picture of sailors marching on a gay pride march in London. For fcuks sake look at the photo and saw they were out of step and mincing along. I looked at the picture of them and was ashamed that those poofs are encouraged to join in. I am a christian and it is unethical and against gods will for a man to to fire his muck up another mans hoop. Men and women are meant to procreate and have children. Study the photographs carefully and pick out who would be mummy and who would be daddy out of these jolly jack tars. I think the 'she' sailor is a daddy and and the chap at the front of the parade is a daddy.

    :: clickety click ::
  2. I'm disappointed that they aren't skipping along and holding hands......

    They could carry large bunches of flowers and every now and then they could stop and throw flowers into the crowd - especially at people they fancied. When they ran out of flowers they could blow kisses.......

    Whenever they saw a policemen they could kiss the policeman (but only if they were the same sex). I would make them use tongues as well..... That would really pi55 off the coppers - unless they were gay as well!

    Then it could all be videoed and shown at cinemas instead of the 'The Team Works' recruitment add.
  3. Fat cnut in the middle needs to swallow less protein.
  4. OMfcukingG The world truly has gone mad. We all knew that matelots were bufty-inclined, but how brazen is this? And you just wouldn't want that fat cnut (what trade is he, ballast?) nudgung you round the Wardroom.
  5. Unmitigated claptrap - I am an atheist and firmly belive that views like this are primitive, ill-conceived and poorly presented. Bible thumping biggots are far more dangerous to society than a few gays. :x
  6. No they aren't you fcuking bufty. Bible bashers are dangerous, but I don't think I've ever heard of you catching a certain death disease from one, unless they are Batty Boys too.
  7. 'tis a sad day when a chief gunner is marching on such a shambling, tick-tocking, out of step shower of shiite such as that lot. He hasn't even got his pace stick with him, for f*cks sake..
  8. Another well presented argument - prick.
  9. This isn't an argument, and isn't intended as flippant, but do you actually believe what you just said? Poofters arent the only people to carry AIDS, in fact, and I'm too lazy to look up the figures I'm afraid, I recall the numbers in the UK of AIDS infected being pretty much equal between nancy woofters and heterosexuals (in fact I think the balance was more towards heterosexuals, as infected mothers pass it on to their kids so boost up the numbers).

    If you're gay, I don't really care. But a pride march is taking the urine. Is it time to start the Straight Pride march yet?
  10. Hark at you. Don't try to take the moral highground with a few posh sounding words. And the use of the word "prick" is more than a tad Freudian...
  11. Calm down boy - you might get anally raped by daddy if your lip starts to wobble harder. Your mother says I'm not gay!
  12. Oh fuck! Thats all i need! :cry:

    I'm going on a trip on a certain Marine amphibious assault ship in the near future. I thought the "gay thing" was just a joke and myth! :oops:

    Any tips for keeping the back door firmly locked - even during sleep?????
  13. Some sailors are gay. Tomorrow Pope is catholic. Next week: bear seen going into wood with bog roll.
  14. Unless your the well oiled phillpino boy of legend I wouldn't worry its not compulosry yet :D .If its gay pride surely have some fucking pride in the uniform and march not mince .
  15. Yes. Just before you go to bed, pull down your drawers and shove a suede sofa up your hoop. Aint no bugger getting in or out. Even if someone does attempt to rape you they'll be so put off by you interior design failings that they'll have to return to their room and watch re-runs of Changing Rooms, just to reaffirm to themselves that they do in fact still 'have it'.