HMS Echo visits the Seychelles

Ministry of Defence said:
HMS Echo has visited the Seychelles Islands whose Coast Guard has been working with the Royal Navy to prevent piracy in the Indian Ocean and make the area safer for all seafarers.

It is a tradition of the ship (similar to the Officers of Endurance reversing their wardroom dress cumberbands when 'dahn sath' for HMS Echo to sail out of port, return back in to port and then sail back out... fact.


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9th of her name, in a line going back to 1758.
So, the Navy keep repeating it. Are they that lacking in imagination?
Spoken like a true civilian. It's called tradition and there's quite a lot of it in the armed forces. It's rather like the Army carrying on the names of disbanded regiments for battalions or the RAF resurrecting the numbers of long-dead Squadrons.

For interloping aliens to this RN bit of ARRSE:

Wikipedia said:
A number of ships Royal Navy have been named HMS Echo, after the Echo of Greek mythology.
  • HMS Echo was a 24-gun sixth-rate captured from the French in 1758 and sold in 1770.
  • HMS Echo was the French ship Hussard captured in 1780 and wrecked in 1791.
  • HMS Echo was a 16-gun sloop launched in 1782 and broken up in 1797.
  • HMS Echo was a 16-gun sloop launched in 1797 and sold in 1809.
  • HMS Echo was an 18-gun Cruizer-class brig-sloop launched in 1809 and broken up in 1817.
  • HMS Echo was a wooden paddle vessel launched in 1827, converted to a tugboat in 1830, and sold in 1885.
  • HMS Echo was an E-class destroyer launched in 1934 and on loan to the Greek Navy as Navarinon from 1944 to 1956, then broken up.
  • HMS Echo was an Echo-class survey vessel launched in 1957 and sold in 1986.
  • HMS Echo is an Echo-class hydrographic survey ship, launched in 2002 and on active service as of 2011.
Other ships

In addition to these ships, a number of vessels have been taken up from trade and named Echo while in government service:
  • Echo was a dockyard tank vessel previously named Luda. She was purchased in 1887 and sold in 1928.
  • Echo was a whaler, previously named Barrowby. She was purchased in 1915 and sold in 1919.
  • Echo was a trawler, hired between 1915 and 1919.
  • Echo was a drifter, formerly a French minesweeper seized in 1940, renamed Resound later that year, and returned in 1946.
Now we wait. :)

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