HMS Dragon celebrates successful Sea Viper trials


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In other news, some Army Cadets shoot during summer camp. Some targets were hit.

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That's probably quite important to know, given the state of the army. If some of them can ht the target then they're a strategic reserve.

On a serious side, there was a lot of shouting and argument on arrse about the readiness or otherwise of the T45's. You should now be happy as it works, as advertised.
BB - dont be silly. We all know that PAAMS / Sea Viper doesnt work, and that every one of our missiles is an utter disaster, while all of johnny foreigners missiles work perfectly first time. If only we had a missile launcher which fired sea harriers piloted by clones of Sharkey Ward and propelled by loud barks of hot air, now then the world would be infinitely safer.

I cant believe you think that our stuff actually works - herrumph!
Mach 3 cricket ball, I thought. Mach 4 capability is for a future concept of a hitting squash ball sized target over another continent. I may be wrong,

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