HMS Diana: another continuing utter disgrace

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. So, sailed into the immediate fallout zone of a planned 60kt (actual 98kt)thermonuclear device and MoD still refuses to accept any liability or that there is a connection between the veterans' health and the tests?

    Edit: per The Observer the MoD is contesting the claims using a legal technicality that requires them to be lodged within three years of a diagnosis.

    HMS Diana: the ship that went nuclear,,2236019,00.html
  2. Disgraceful, but sadly typical!
  3. This is typical of any British Government.

    These were deaths and illnesses caused by the MOD at the time. They ordered the tests sending these men inton a danger zone with no protection and should face the consequences.

    Duty of care is always an afterthought. Pay these men and their remaining families the compo.
  4. I still have ringing in my ears Tony Bliars words about modern servicemen volunteering for what they do and therefore should put up or shut up (in as many words) but this just shows what little difference it would make if they were conscripts. In 1956, many if not most of those servicemen were on National Service. They had no choice whatsoever. So whats the excuse now?
  5. I am waiting for Jim30 to come on and defend the MoD on this issue.

    This episode is just another example of the contempt that the MoD has for members of HMF, and the moral recidivism of senior officers who fool themselves into believing that it is all for the 'greater good' and thus justified.

    Nothing will be done, except these people can be added to the long list of Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen who have been betrayed and lied to by their Government and MoD: nuclear test observers, volunteers for 'finding the cure for the common cold' at Porton Down (having nerve agent applied to your skin instead without warning), Gulf War Syndrome, injury compensation, etc, etc.
  6. For a moment,I thought our lords & masters had named a ship after the "peoples princess..".
  7. The survivors and families should be paid compensation.

    I appreciate that at the time this may have been seen as essential, but I feel sure similar information could have been gathered from a trip to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. At the very least the MoD should admit responsiblity, or whatever group the scientists who would have been running hte experiement were part of.

    I notice the scientists who ran the experiments were not volunteering to man the ships. Perhaps they should be contacted if they are still alive.
  8. fellas when are you going to get it in your heads politicians don't give a flying f*ck my dad was on op grapple on Xmas island they experienced the same things as mentioned in the above tread a Canberra pilot who was ordered to fly thru the cloud died in the early 70s in Canada i think when the medical people collated all the weird cancers that these blokes had got the common defector was the grapple tests the scumbag politicians will wait till there all dead then pay up (grudgingly)perhaps if the great British public voted with there hearts instead of there thick sculls politicians would listen and do as we ask them as it is they smile when they want your vote then shit all over you when you ask something instead of bitching on here why don't you do something that scares the shit out of the ,write them a shitty letter i do
  9. Indeed it is disgraceful - another one from the people who gave you "a land fit for heroes"!

    Of course, when I saw "HMS Diana - what a disgrace", for one awful moment I feared that we were to have a new warship named after "that woman"...what a relief.
  10. Seconded, the lack of a new good ship Diana does spoil a good joke about "God bless all those who sail in her" though!
  11. Indeed and "great loss of seamen" puns are also not required to be forward loaded yet...
  12. Nor the 'Is there a Life Guard onboard?' quips...

  13. You just said it for me.

    God how I loathe politicians :x
  14. I find it amazing that the Navy had the foresight to name a ship after "that woman" before she was even born and then had the good sense to nuke it, before it could turn up in Paris with an arabs hand on the tiller!

    Well done the Navy!
  15. Alas, a Daring Class Type 45 only accommodates 190 sailors at a time, whereas the fromer Princess of Wales was known to be able to....

    Oh, hang on, a writ has just landed in my inbox.